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RCS @ ITW2019: Best Practices, Good Intentions, Hard Work

Last month in Atlanta at ITW 2019, the global wholesale event, MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme hosted a series of events on Rich Communications. Here MEF’s COO Joanne Lacey and speakers from the workshop share their takeaways.
Internet of Things

Internet of Cars: Connectivity Standardisation In a Jam

MEF Advisor Andrew Parkin-White examines the current thinking on connectivity for autonomous cars and vehicles, and explores why the delays in progress now might benefit the industry in the long term. Autonomous vehicles will feature strongly in future global transportation trends. Regulators were promising a new standard to vehicle to…
MEF Webinars

Mobile ad fraud: the scale of the problem, the nature of the scams, the fightback

Global app install ad spend could hit $51 billion this year. Fraudsters want some of that money. Regrettably, they will succeed. Is there anything the industry can do to defend itself? In a MEF webinar, two experts from Oordeoo and Freenet Digital assess the scale of the problem and the…
MEF Member News round-up

MEF Member news, 15th July

Get the latest announcements from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news… mGage, a Vivial company and Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), announced today that it has integrated with the Oracle Responsys SMS Public Aggregator Network (SPAN) to provide an easier…

GDPR has re-kindled a debate. Internationally it has sparkled a series of similar frameworks. MEF members are engaging with the regulation and expanding on its interpretation. The post-GDPR period is proving to be an opportunity for some companies to build a competitive advantage.

At MEF the discussions has never been more lively than in the last few months – this moment is the opportunity to shape the future, to influence large players and regulators, to collectively re-design the framework of Trust, Data and Personalisation. Come and join the debate.

Dario BettiCEO, MEF

Organizations big and small should not be resigned to simply comply with the rules laid down by the GDPR and similar legislation. They should not be afraid to empower individuals and to give them control of their data. Rather, to thrive in the wake of GDPR companies should embrace change, adopt new systems, and overcome their challenges, and use this opportunity to re-configure their value chains, organizational systems, and business models, to innovate, and most importantly to refresh and forge new bonds with the people they serve.

Michael BeckerManaging Partner, Identity Praxis

GDPR is also becoming a gold standard worldwide. Many customers outside Europe are happy to know their data processed in Europe is protected by the provisions of GDPR. Other countries, such as India and Australia, are looking at GDPR as a model for their own future regulations.

Andrew BudCEO & Founder, iProov

Regulated businesses are more inclined to find and implement robust solutions to GDPR that will both stand the test of time and deliver upon the principles codified by the regulation. Yet one year on, silence rings out, action remains to be taken, and a lack of initiative means companies have failed, or at the very least are yet to adopt fulsome solutions to the GDPR.

Shawn BrownCEO, Trunomi

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