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Comviva introduces CNPaaS for advanced monetization with Network APIs

New Delhi, India – 18 June 2024: Comviva, the global leader in customer experience and data monetization solutions, today announced a landmark enhancement to its CPaaS solution for Telecom providers– NGAGE. This strategic enhancement elevates NGAGE to a CNPaaS (Communication Network Platform as a Service) solution, that shall empower enterprises with advanced 5G network capabilities such as on-demand quality of service (QoS), precise device location, and network slicing, alongside robust 4G functionalities.

The NGAGE CNPaaS platform is set to revolutionize enterprise network management by offering advanced capabilities that allow businesses to control, configure, and query their networks on demand and at scale. It shall provide APIs for critical functions such as SIM swap, number verification, quality on demand, and location on demand over both 5G and 4G networks. By leveraging over 20 CAMARA-compliant Network APIs, NGAGE CNPaaS will facilitate universal access to operator networks for developers through the GSMA Open Gateway initiatives.

Deshbandhu Bansal, COO of Messaging Solutions at Comviva said, “We are thrilled to introduce Network APIs into the NGAGE platform. This strategic first-in-the-industry solution shall enable enterprises and telecom operators to harness the full potential of communication and network solutions with advanced API integration. With NGAGE CNPaaS, we are ushering in a new era of innovation and growth in the communication landscape, driving unprecedented opportunities and advancements.

Infobip integrates Google Vertex AI into RCS to offer conversational AI

Vodnjan, Croatia, June 18, 2024 – Global communications platform Infobip now offers businesses and brands access to conversational AI and AI-enabled chatbots on RCS Business Messaging through a new integration with Google Vertex AI. As pioneers in global omnichannel communications, Infobip is leading the market with innovative solutions.

As consumers look for a deeper connection with the brands they buy from, rich conversational messaging channels such as RCS Business Messaging are growing quickly. However, businesses and brands need to be able to offer advanced communications services such as conversational AI and chatbots to deliver personal, relevant, and conversational messaging experiences to their customers.

RCS is one of the key communication channels that businesses and brands are increasingly using to communicate with their customers given its ability to provide a rich experience natively available on customer phones. As experts in omnichannel messaging and with an unmatched portfolio of telecom partners across the globe, we can ensure that RCS messages, and messages across any other channel, are safely and securely delivered to customers everywhere. The combination of our RCS expertise and partner network, the power of Google’s Vertex AI, and your own industry knowledge and customer insights guarantee conversational RCS interactions that will help set brands apart from their competition.” Ivan Ostojić, Chief Business Officer at Infobip.


TMT ID and Fraud Intelligence Limited Announces Strategic Partnership

13th of June 2024 – London, United Kingdom —TMT ID and Fraud Intelligence Limited announce a strategic partnership to collaborate and innovate together to combat fraud.

The partnership will see TMT ID integrate its leading TeleShield mobile number intelligence data with the Fraud Intelligence Blockchain Platform. TMT ID’s TeleShield service can confirm the validity of both originating (calling)  and terminating (called) telephone numbers.

For specialised use cases, TeleShield also has the ability to perform real-time queries to confirm whether a telephone number has been assigned to a subscriber.  Fraud Intelligence Teams using this combined data will be able to derive improved actionable insights against both existing and emerging fraud.  Fraud Intelligence Limited will add integrations of the Fraud Intelligence Blockchain for contributing fraud intelligence as well as providing data insights.

CEO, TMT ID, John Wilkinson said : “We are excited by this new partnership. There is currently an epidemic of telecoms fraud which is seriously harming the industry. At TMT ID we are doing our part via data cooperation initiatives like this to help provide intelligence and information to make it harder for fraudsters to operate. This blockchain initiative is a positive model for industry collaboration globally.”

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BaseKit partners with Groundbreaker Talents to support tech careers for women in Africa

BaseKit is excited to announce we have partnered with Groundbreaker Talents to support women in financially constrained communities in Africa with the opportunity to start a career in tech.

Groundbreaker Talents is a full-time residential program in software engineering targeting young women facing social and economic exclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their objective is to support women in exploring their full potential and accessing a brighter future in the digital era.

Leoni Rossberg, Co-founder and Managing Director of Groundbreaker said, “From classroom to career, BaseKit supports our Talents with building a strong online presence to launch successful careers. We’re super excited about this collaboration!”

Simon Best, BaseKit CEO said, “As part of our commitment to positive impact, we actively seek out opportunities to promote greater tech inclusivity worldwide with our software. We are thrilled to be backing the Groundbreaker Talents program and cannot wait to witness the doors it will open for these women as they navigate their way into the tech sector.”

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Mobiltek Partners with Evina to Protect Polish Mobile Consumers from Carrier Billing Fraud

Mobiltek, a leading provider of Direct Carrier Billing payments in Poland has announced a strategic partnership with Evina, a global leader in mobile payment cybersecurity solutions. This collaboration aims to protect millions of Polish mobile consumers and dozens of service providers from carrier billing fraud.

Mobiltek has implemented Evina’s advanced cybersecurity solutions to further enhance the protection of its extensive user base in Poland and to continue its efforts to maintain the highest level of user satisfaction. The deployment of DCBprotect enables real-time defence against hacking attempts on carrier billing, ensuring secure carrier billing transactions and significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

David Lotfi, CEO of Evina, commented, “We are proud to collaborate with Mobiltek. The Polish market is highly innovative and frequently targeted by sophisticated attacks, presenting a significant challenge and giving us a sense of purpose in combating high-level cyber threats. I’m happy to say that we share with Mobiltek the same mindset of zero tolerance for fraud. Our experience in Poland enhances our ability to provide optimal protection to our clients across Eastern Europe.”

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Contactless Payment Transactions to Hit $15.7 Trillion Globally by 2029, as Soft Point-of-Sale & Ticketing Roll-outs Accelerate Growth

Basingstoke, UK – 25th June 2024: A new study by Juniper Research, the foremost experts in fintech and payments markets, found the value of contactless payment transactions will grow by 113% over the next five years, from $7.4 trillion in 2024.

The research found that the value of contactless ticketing transactions will increase by over 460% between 2024 and 2029; reaching $154 billion in 2029.

The new research, featuring comprehensive market sizing and forecasts for both Contactless Payments and Digital Ticketing, found greater contactless payment availability for smaller businesses with Soft POS (Point-of-Sale) systems, is powering growth. As access becomes more widespread, users increasingly expect contactless payments; creating a virtuous cycle of increasing use.

Contactless ticketing has gained significant traction within the transit space. Growth is particularly strong in the US, where it is experiencing widespread roll-out.

Research author Nick Maynard explained: “Current contactless-based open-loop systems are supported by account-based ticketing systems, which facilitate different access tokens and subscriptions. This means that cities that have deployed open-loop ticketing are typically well prepared for a future transition to full MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service offerings). Under MaaS, access to transit will be seamless and multimodal; unlocking a superior user experience across a wider range of transit options.”

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Twilio Report Reveals Ethical Use of AI Will Be a Competitive Business Advantage

San Francisco – June 18, 2024 – Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), the customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for today’s leading brands, today released its annual State of Personalization Report, which highlights perspectives and predictions from business leaders across twelve countries and a diverse range of industries. The report, now in its fifth year, underscores how evolving consumer demands are driving business leaders to focus on delivering predictive, emotionally intelligent, and highly personalized customer experiences.

AI is central to this shift, with businesses utilizing more dynamic models and metrics, enhancing interoperability between tools such as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and data warehouses, and prioritizing data privacy and the ethical use of AI. With AI becoming ubiquitous across industries, Twilio’s research shows that 89 percent of respondents believe ethical use of AI can be a competitive business advantage, and over half (54 percent) of business leaders said they are addressing consumer concerns around data privacy and ethical considerations in AI by implementing robust privacy controls.

“Personalization is table stakes in the world of marketing. Today’s consumer not only expects brands to understand them, but they want brands to anticipate their needs and AI is making that a reality,” said Robin Grochol, VP Product Management at Twilio. “In our latest State of Personalization Report, we found the majority of business leaders are making the shift from reactive to predictive personalization to help them deliver on increasingly sophisticated and dynamic consumer demands.”

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