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Listen to the latest episode of our Perspectives in Mobile podcast. In our continuing series; ‘Managing Change in the Digital Era’, sponsored by Netnumber, we look at how the mobile industry has learned to cope with new management styles, culture, technology and digitalisation.

This week, Kamales Lardi, a strategic thinker in digital and business transformation, discusses the challenges and opportunities of digitalization and the human side of digital transformation. She envisions a future where technology and people converge, with technology being used to optimize the human experience. The main risk for businesses in times of rapid change is the failure to adapt to disruptive technologies and the inability to keep up with the competitive landscape.
Digital transformation is not just about implementing technology, but also about transforming the entire business ecosystem. AI can be used to create a strategic advantage by hyper-personalizing customer experiences and improving operational excellence. However, ethical considerations and biases in AI systems need to be addressed. To thrive in an era of disruption, businesses should keep up with trends, think outside the box, and challenge assumptions through opposites thinking. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with the latest Perspectives in Mobile Podcast.

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