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BaseKit partners with Groundbreaker Talents to support tech careers for women in Africa

BaseKit is excited to announce we have partnered with Groundbreaker Talents to support women in financially constrained communities in Africa with the opportunity to start a career in tech.

Groundbreaker Talents is a full-time residential program in software engineering targeting young women facing social and economic exclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their objective is to support women in exploring their full potential and accessing a brighter future in the digital era.

Leoni Rossberg, Co-founder and Managing Director of Groundbreaker said, “From classroom to career, BaseKit supports our Talents with building a strong online presence to launch successful careers. We’re super excited about this collaboration!”

Simon Best, BaseKit CEO said, “As part of our commitment to positive impact, we actively seek out opportunities to promote greater tech inclusivity worldwide with our software. We are thrilled to be backing the Groundbreaker Talents program and cannot wait to witness the doors it will open for these women as they navigate their way into the tech sector.”

Carrefour launch ‘Carrefour eSIM Travel Data’ with BICS

Travelers around the world with eSIM-enabled phones can purchase data packages from Carrefour over-the-air in a convenient, secure way, at unmatched rates 

Multinational retail corporation Carrefour has today announced a partnership with international communications enabler BICS to launch a new ‘travel eSIM’ offering via its mobile operator arm. Before traveling internationally, mobile users with compatible phones can purchase a pre-paid eSIM, offering a more affordable option than traditional roaming rates, depending on the operator.

A connectivity specialist, BICS is enabling Carrefour to easily integrate travel eSIMs into its offering. BICS provides the eSIM and coverage around the world, via its roaming network. Downloaded via a QR code, travel eSIMs allow users to connect directly to the network they’re visiting, instead of traffic traveling internationally back to their home country. This is done at a fraction of the cost of normal roaming. 

“eSIMs are an exciting advancement for global connectivity”, says Jorn Vercamert, VP Customer Solutions & Products, BICS. “Consumers have yet to realise the benefits of eSIMs, but with products like this from Carrefour, that will quickly change. The eSIM digitalizes connectivity, making it available with just a few clicks. BICS is making it easy for enterprise and consumer brands to integrate global connectivity into their offerings to improve the digital experience of their end-users.”

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IDVerse GenAI trained Identity Verification Now Available on Temenos Exchange

London, 12 June 2024 – IDVerse, a leading provider of Identity Verification (IDV), today announced their Generative AI trained solution is available on Temenos Exchange, the partner ecosystem of integrated fintech solutions.

IDVerse’s technology enables Temenos clients to reach a wider range of customers by reducing AI technology bias towards newer devices and operating systems whilst ensuring the highest regulatory standards and document coverage. IDVerse’s IDV technology is scalable, cloud-native, extendable, and continually updated to protect against the latest fraud vectors and newly released identity documents to ensure Temenos clients reap the benefits of market leading research, development & deployment.

Libby Robinson, Head of Partnerships, IDVerse adds: “IDVerse’s availability on Temenos Exchange further extends our commitment to the banking community and enables Temenos customers to easily reap the benefits of GenAI trained Identity Verification to tackle fraud and diverse customer bases. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Temenos platform to help us achieve our business goals.

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Tata Communications to provide global host broadcasting services to cover World Athletics Series events

Mumbai, INDIA, June 12, 2024 – Tata Communications today announced a five-year global host broadcasting services deal covering the World Athletics Series of events. From 2025, Tata Communications will be a key strategic supplier for World Athletics, with a view to elevating innovation and audience engagement to new heights.

The collaboration kicks off in another huge year for the sport, with 2025 including the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Nanjing in March, World Athletics Relays in Guangzhou in May and World Athletics Road Running Championships in San Diego in September, as well as the flagship World Athletics Championships in Tokyo.

Dhaval Ponda, Global Head of Media & Entertainment Business, Tata Communications, said: “It is an exciting time of new content and changing viewer demands. Tata Communications is ideally positioned as a global broadcast services provider to help World Athletics achieve its ambition of bringing athletics and inspirational stories to fans around the world. We offer the global footprint and scalable, resilient solutions necessary to carry these stories from arenas directly to viewers, whether from the UK, Tokyo, USA or beyond. As we bring the vibrancy of global athleticism to screens, I’m eager to see those stories inspire the next generation of Indian sporting excellence.”


Telefónica, leader in enterprise managed mobility services by GlobalData

GlobalData has recognized Telefónica as a leader in the global enterprise managed mobility services. The analyst house highlights the differential value of its professional services for public administrations and large companies, as well as advisory and consulting services, which drive proactive, digital, and secure management of the digital workplace from any device (mobile, tablets, computers, or laptops), to simplify and improve the employee experience. Additionally, GlobalData focuses on the new commercial proposition around 5G for use cases that includes robots, drones, and remote support, as well as mobile security as an important differentiator.

Telefónica, which is committed to the integration of technologies and capabilities through Telefónica Tech, has added new enterprise mobility services and new Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions such as mobile security, device lifecycle management or digitization of the workplace, focusing on those workers who are the visible face of the company or ‘frontline worker’ and who receive 24×7 support. With these services, the employee uses personalized, optimized, and secure devices according to their specific needs, such as sales or technical service and repair.

Iván López, global B2B director at Telefónica: “This recognition inspires us to become the trusted partner of those companies that, in their digital transformation process, need cutting-edge managed mobility services. Our goal is to offer a secure, flexible, cloud-based workplace that exponentially increases levels of collaboration and innovation. All of this from any device, from anywhere, at any time”.

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