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Listen to the latest episode of our podcast series Perspectives in Mobile. This is the third episode of our ‘Managing Change in the Digital Era’ series, sponsored by Netnumber, where we look at how the mobile industry has learned to cope with new management styles, culture, technology and digitalisation.

In this episode Greg Verdino, an expert on digital transformation, as a Principal Analyst & Founder of CognitivePath, discusses the challenges and opportunities businesses face in a rapidly changing world. He emphasizes the importance of adaptability and risk tolerance in navigating the future. Verdino also highlights the need for organizations to focus on human transformation alongside digital transformation.
He explores the role of AI in creating a strategic advantage and emphasizes the importance of anticipating change. He also discusses the blurring boundaries between humanity and technology and the evolving expectations of customers. Finally, he offers advice on thriving in an era of consistent disruption. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with the latest Perspectives in Mobile Podcast.

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