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Boku Connects Poland’s 16.3m BLIK Users Into Google With New Payment Relationship

Boku Inc. (LON: BOKU), the global network for localized payment solutions, is pleased to announce that it now supports BLIK, the instant payment system in Poland,  as a payment method for Google Play Store. With this new payment relationship, BLIK’s 16.3 million active users will be able to use their preferred payment method when making purchases from the Google Play Store.

Stuart Neal, Boku’s CEO, commented: “We are very pleased to see BLIK go live as a payment option for Google Play Store in Poland. This is our first A2A connection with Google, a company we have had a relationship with for several years, providing them with Direct Carrier Billing solutions. Our mission at Boku is to empower people everywhere to pay for the services they love the way they want, and allow global merchants to seamlessly offer localized payment choice in order to unlock new growth around the world. With local payment methods continuing to grow in popularity, we’re excited to be part of Google’s future payment innovation.”

CPaaS Rich Media Revenue to Generate over $10bn Globally by 2028, as Channel Management Tools Prove Key

Hampshire, UK – 12th June 2024: A new study from Juniper Research, the foremost experts in telecommunications markets, found revenue from CPaaS rich media traffic, including RCS, video and social media, will grow by 190% in the next five years; rising from $3.4 billion in 2023.

As the price of SMS business messaging continues to rise, the study predicted that more enterprises will be forced to explore alternative channels for marketing campaigns and customer interactions in order to reduce costs. Conversely, Apple will begin support for RCS business messaging this year, creating a highly valuable alternative to SMS for enterprises. By 2028, RCS business messages delivered by CPaaS platforms globally is expected to reach 86 billion; rising from just 2.5 billion in 2024.

Research author Sam Barker commented: “Conversational AI will provide an immediate benefit to enterprise CPaaS users. Third-party developers will enable enterprises to launch chatbot services over channels like RCS that leverage large language models. However, to maximise adoption, CPaaS platforms must offer front-end solutions allowing enterprises to directly manage their AI implementations.

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Industry Leaders Team Up To Improve Google Ad Experience

London – 4th June 2024 – MCP Insight, a leading provider of market intel, compliance and anti-fraud tools, and the Association for Interactive Media and Micropayments (aimm), a specialist UK trade association, today announced the formation of a working group focused on the responsible use of Google Responsive Display Ads (RDA) within the mVAS/DCB sector.

The Google Ad Creation and Placement Working Group, open to aimm members, is tasked with improving ad clarity, reducing consumer confusion, and optimising campaigns through industry collaboration.

Joanna Cox, General Manager of aimm said, “We’re concerned that because of factors affecting the creation and placement of these ads, there are potential areas for consumer harm or wasted ad spend. The purpose of aimm is to build consumer confidence and trust so our members can grow their businesses and thrive. That’s why we, alongside MCP, have initiated this working group to ensure this advertising channel is delivering positive experiences for both consumers and advertisers.”

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TMT ID Announces Upgrade of Its Number Portability Coverage For Uzbekistan

TMT ID is pleased to announce the enhancement of its Uzbekistan number portability information.

With the increasing need for Voice Routing, A2P messaging, two-factor-authentication and one-time-password services – it’s important that SMS messages, voice calls and all A2P traffic are delivered to your customers quickly and accurately. Our Velocity service now offers access to the Number Portability database for Uzbekistan. A major advantage of database coverage is that the latest portability information is available for all networks within a country. It also provides increased performance and lower latency.

Velocity is a global service that provides the current service provider for numbers anywhere in the world in milliseconds, typically less than 5ms. Velocity is focused on enabling its customers to have confidence that their calls and messages are being delivered successfully and in the most cost-effective way by providing the correct routing for ported and not-ported telephone numbers. It includes routing information for 240+ countries and territories. This includes coverage for over 110 countries with number portability mandates in effect.


Twilio Invests in Enhanced Interoperability with Data Platforms and Data Warehouses with Launch of Linked Audiences

SAN FRANCISCO, June 05, 2024 — Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), the customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for today’s leading brands, today announced at Snowflake Summit 2024, Linked Audiences and the debut of the Segment Data Graph – new product features that enhance Twilio Segment’s interoperability with data platforms and warehouses – driving efficiencies for businesses that rely on them for managing customer data, and need a real-time, unified view of their customers.

These capabilities allow technical marketers to easily combine the benefits of real-time data from CDPs with the comprehensive, yet often harder to access data platform and warehouse datasets. This not only supercharges marketing strategies, but also unlocks the transformative potential of AI, ensuring marketers can fully leverage advanced models to drive better customer engagement results.

“Enhancing interoperability between Segment’s CDP with data platforms and warehouses helps businesses unlock the full power of their customer data,” said Thomas Wyatt, President at Twilio Segment. “The combination brings this critical data to life, making every customer touchpoint and insight immediately actionable. We think of it like turning an analog map into an active GPS system that provides real-time guidance when you need it most.”

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