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During MEF CONNECTS Business Messaging held in London last month, John Bruner, CEO of Aegis Mobile, sat down for a fireside chat with MEF’s CEO, Dario Betti, to explore the complexities and significance of compliance and brand protection in today’s market – here, they provide an overview of the discussion.

At MEF’s recent Business Messaging event in London discussions took a turn from the usual market forecasts and delivery logistics to a deep dive into the mechanics of data verification, particularly within the telecommunications and messaging sector.

The shift in focus was not without reason; the market is evolving, and the tools and strategies companies employ today could reshape tomorrow’s competitive landscape.

In the session, Fortifying Digital Trust: The Role of Known Sender in Securing European Messaging, John Bruner, CEO of Aegis Mobile, explored how under his leadership, Aegis has carved out a niche by reacting to market dynamics and shaping them, mainly through its rigorous vetting processes and comprehensive lifecycle compliance services.

While the premium SMS market was lucrative, it was also fraught with regulatory challenges and bad actors. Bruner detailed how, in their early days of compliance services, Aegis demonstrated through their work with premium SMS services that a lifecycle compliance approach was the most effective method for mitigating risks. Aegis showed that no single compliance service could completely stop fraud, but an integrated lifecycle approach, tying transaction data back to verified brands and their activities, could significantly curtail fraudulent practices, thereby protecting consumers and carriers.

An Evolving Landscape: From A2P to RCS

The regulatory landscape has tightened considerably in the U.S., where Aegis initially focused on direct carrier billing and other Value Added Services channels. The company’s pivot toward building a robust verification framework for A2P SMS messaging reflects a proactive approach to these changes. This includes the development of an automated, multi-tiered verification platform capable of processing tens of thousands of companies daily, ensuring KYB at scale.

The conversation also discussed the challenges and opportunities RCS (Rich Communication Services) and branded messaging pose. Bruner emphasized the importance of ensuring that brands can securely and reliably use their logos and trademarks in messaging, which are critical in a market where consumer trust is essential. The company’s strategy involves leveraging both machine learning and AI to streamline the verification process while ensuring that these advanced technologies do not infringe on the rights or security of the involved parties.

A Safer, More Trusted Messaging World

Additionally, Aegis’s involvement in initiatives like branded calling and its work with the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) underline the broader industry efforts toward creating a safer and more trustworthy messaging environment.

The discussion also underscored the need for a holistic, omnichannel approach to communications — a vision Bruner and Aegis are driving forward. By integrating verification processes across various messaging platforms and channels, Bruner said Aegis aims to enhance the efficiency and security of these communications, ensuring that the messaging industry remains a vital, trusted service for businesses and consumers alike.

As the industry continues to evolve, Bruner’s insights at MEF CONNECTS Business Messaging highlight the ongoing need for innovation, collaboration, and vigilance in the face of changing technologies and market demands.

Watch the full video here and visit Aegis Mobile for more information.

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