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BICS wins Future Digital Award for Best Robocall Mitigation Solution

BICS is pleased to announce it has won a Future Digital Award in ‘Telco Innovation’ for ‘Best Robocall Mitigation Solution’. Presented by Juniper Research, the awards recognize organizations that have ‘made outstanding contributions to their industry and are positioned to make a significant impact in the future.’ The Security & Fraud Innovation category marks the leading players in the network security and anti-fraud space.

“BICS has been leading the charge against voice fraud, which costs consumers, operators and enterprises around the world billions in losses every year, for some time,” says Katia González Head of Fraud Prevention Operations and Services at BICS. “While there is still much work to be done in this space to truly close the loop, it’s great to be recognized for our achievements by Juniper. A special thank you to BICS’ amazing Fraud Operations team, led Alexandre Ameloot and Andril Ivanov, as well as to Yevhen Yusyk, this wouldn’t be possible without your and your teams’ hard work and dedication.”

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Dexatel Introduces Its A2P Out Solution

Tallinn, Estonia, January 22, 2023 — Dexatel announced the development of its Application-to-Person Out solution, which is now ready for the market. This tool will allow mobile network operators to broaden their revenue streams by expanding their business and getting a wider market reach.

By developing the A2P Out solution with leading technologies, Dexatel aims to empower MNOs with the tools to surpass their usual limitations. The product will make the brand identities of clients more visible for MNOs. Once the operator defines the target destination and expected message volumes, Dexatel will analyze the goals and propose tailored rate options. The operator will then be able to collaborate with Dexatel to establish connectivity and begin the go-live process.

With Dexatel’s A2P Out, MNOs will benefit from enhanced quality of service, streamlined invoicing that minimizes administrative overhead, as well as a secure and spam-free ecosystem for customers. Operators will also be able to mitigate losses and avoid missing potential revenue opportunities as they gain a wider reach. Moreover, they will have access to 24/7 assistance for problem resolution. At the same time, brands can ensure a seamless global experience, maintaining sender IDs across borders.


One Year After Makiivka: Enea Details Methods to Track Mobile Devices in Modern Warfare

One year on from Ukraine’s strike on Russian troops in Makiivka, which was said to have been made possible by tracking Russian troop’s mobile phones, Enea’s groundbreaking report, “Location Tracking on the Battlefield: Phones Under Fire,” marks the first complete review of mobile tracking methods used in modern warfare with a focus on Ukraine.

Cathal McDaid, VP Technology at Enea and lead author of the report, commented, “Our comprehensive analysis of the mobile battlefield reveals the complexities and evolving role of mobile networks in warfare. This report brings an important understanding of how phones are tracked on the battlefield, adding crucial insights for telecom, military and government policymakers to enhance security measures and effectively leverage technological advancements in the field. It builds and expands upon our previous research, which showed how important commercial telecom networks are for the security and resilience of a country facing hybrid threats, and the need for network security to help protect a country’s networks.”

GMS Wins Future Digital Award for Most Innovative SMS Fraud Mitigation Solution

GMS, a trusted communications service provider for enterprises and mobile network operators (MNO) globally is proud to have been awarded the Platinum Award for the Most Innovative SMS Fraud Mitigation Solution by Juniper research.

We understand the urgency of employing robust security measures for mobile operators and we have long been at the forefront of combating messaging fraud. This recognition underscores GMS’ commitment to excellence and innovation in safeguarding mobile networks from emerging threats while maintaining the seamless quality of communication services.

GMS’ commitment to quality services and focus on producing tangible results have laid the foundation for enduring relationships with our MNO clients. Working hand-in-hand with our MNO partners for over two decades, GMS ensures mobile operators are always ahead in network security and fraud prevention, protecting their revenues, reputation and customer satisfaction and trust.

This award recognises GMS’ innovative contributions in SMS fraud mitigation and reinforces its ongoing commitment to continual improvement and excellence in serving the telecommunications community. We are deeply honoured by this accolade and remain dedicated to advancing the safety and integrity of mobile communications worldwide.


Interop Technologies Receives “Mobile Messaging Innovation of the Year” Award for Basic RCS from Juniper Research

FORT MYERS, Fla. & DUBLIN — Jan. 24, 2024— Interop Technologies, a global leader in advanced mobile messaging technology, announced today that it has won Mobile Messaging Innovation of the Year for its Basic RCS solution in the 2024 Juniper Research Future Digital Awards. Hosted by Juniper Research, the annual awards recognize the very best vendors, products, platforms and services across telecommunications sectors, such as mobile roaming, messaging, and network security and anti-fraud.

“Fundamental to Basic RCS is our unwavering commitment to broadening the adoption of operator-led RCS Business Messaging,” said Steve Zitnik, CTO and EVP at Interop Technologies. “We have seamlessly incorporated RCS features with conventional SMS ingress methods to encourage adoption of RBM, while ensuring a secure and tailored messaging experience. This award is a nod to our team’s user-centric approach; ensuring that advanced technology is both accessible and beneficial to every operator.”


MEF Meet-up in Honolulu Treats Guests to a Tropical Delight During PTC’24

On January 22, PTC’24 attendees enjoyed a beautiful evening, set amidst a tropical paradise, at the MEF Meet-up in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hosted by netnumber at the inviting Hideout at the Laylow, guests enjoyed exquisite cuisine and engaging conversations while networking under the stars. The evening kicked off with a brief welcome by Steve Legge, CEO of netnumber, a leading provider of phone number intelligence data, who discussed the fraud challenges facing the telecom industry and the important role of number verification in maintaining trust in the communications ecosystem. The evening continued with fun and festivities as guests celebrated the night away in the elegant setting.

The Meet-up was the place to be on the 2nd evening of PTC’24, the Pacific Rim’s premier telecommunications event. Thousands of attendees converged at the Hilton Hawaiian Village® Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii for the four-day conference on Jan. 21-24, leveraging its role as a strategic springboard for the global communications industry. Attendees enjoyed planning, networking, and exploring the future of the ICT industry, which featured many insightful panel discussions against the stunning Hawaiian backdrop. In fact, netnumber’s Steve Legge was among those that participated in informative presentations, joining the Jan. 21st MEF panel: The Four Mobile Concerns: Privacy, Security, Trust, Fraud panel, at MPCC, South Pacific 4. This year’s PTC, complete with great meet-ups, productive conversations and much more, is sure to be remembered as one of the best events in recent memory.


It’s Official: LANCK Telecom are Experts in AIT/AGT Prevention

It is our great pleasure to announce LANCK Telecom’s recognition as Platinum Winner for the “Best AGT/AIT Fraud Solution” in the Security & Fraud Innovation category at the Future Digital Awards for Telco Innovation 2024, hosted by Juniper Research.

This achievement once again highlights our relentless commitment to innovation in the industry.

LANCK Telecom’s AGT/AIT prevention expertise goes beyond standard Fraud Management Systems. We actively study and educate the industry about AGT/AIT fraud, providing both our AI technology and decades of experience and insights through our consistent involvement at leading industry associations and workgroups.

In an industry often reliant on manual or semi-automatic tools, our AI stands out. We efficiently spot and intercept sophisticated fraud scenarios early, performing complex detection tasks that would typically require specialized professional teams. Our approach is proactive, tackling emerging fraud challenges with future-focused solutions.

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Telesign Recognized as the “Best Fraud Solution Against Artificially Generated Traffic/Artificially Inflated Traffic Fraud” 

LOS ANGELES – January 24, 2024 –Telesign, the leading provider of customer identity and engagement solutions, has been honored with the ‘Best Fraud Solution Against Artificially Generated Traffic/Artificially Inflated Traffic (AGT/AIT) Fraud Solution’ award by the Telco Innovation Future Digital Awards program. The Telco Innovation Future Digital Awards, sponsored by the market intelligence organization Juniper Research, recognize organizations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are positioned to make a significant impact in the future.

“We’re grateful to be recognized by Juniper Research for our dedication to making the digital world safer for everyone,” said Christophe Van de Weyer, Telesign CEO. “Today, fraud costs businesses about five percent of annual revenue with the average loss per case totaling more than $1.78 million. More needs to be done to stem the tide of digital theft while building bonds of trust between companies and their customers. That’s why Verify Plus leverages over 15 years of data-driven insights to protect against fraud during onboarding and throughout the customer journey.”

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