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We take a weekly look at mobile tech stories from around the world. Headlines include… Can big tech grab a chunk of the billions earned by mobile operators, Ready for the Online Payment Gateway Craze? Gartner forecasts generative AI boom for enterprises and more…

TechScape: Can big tech grab a chunk of the billions earned by mobile operators?


The Guardian shares one user’s experience of upgrading their phone and moving to e-sim tech. from the article:

“E-sims have a lot to recommend them: they free up precious space in smartphones and wearables that can be used for bigger batteries, they don’t take any time to deliver, you can’t break them and they reduce waste. The main downside is that setting up and moving e-sims can be a finicky process involving QR codes, custom apps or, worst of all, calling up your operator. When it comes to something so personal as your phone number and so central to your online security, the apparent loss of control feels troubling, even if sim cards have always been revocable by providers.”

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Ready for the Online Payment Gateway Craze?: Valued at $117.5B and Growing Fast 


Finextra offers an overview of “the payment gateway market” valued at $117bil and growing thanks in large part to the rise of mobile payments.

“Businesses are racing to digitize their operations and integrate efficient payment solutions to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. With online payment gateway markets gaining significant traction worldwide, this is an opportune time for businesses to explore the right payment gateway solution tailored to their specific needs.”

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Gartner forecasts generative AI boom for enterprises

Mobile World Live

MWL reports on Gartner’s latest forecast that 80% of enterprises will have used generative AI across live applications by 2026, up from 5% forecasted this year.

Arun Chandrasekaran stated AI-based foundation models “will advance digital transformation within the enterprise”, boosting the productivity of staff, “automating and enhancing customer experience and enabling cost-effective creation of new products and services”.

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UK regulator launches investigation into $19B Vodafone/Three mobile merger

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch shares a report that the merger between UK operators Vodafone and Three is being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority;

“Millions of consumers and businesses in the UK rely on Vodafone’s and Three’s mobile networks to stay connected,” said Sarah Cardell, chief executive of the CMA, in a statement. “We will be carefully considering how this deal may affect competition in the UK, which could affect the options and prices available to customers. We will also assess how it may affect incentives to invest in the quality of UK mobile networks. This is an opportunity for those with an interest in this merger to let us know their views before we launch a full investigation.”

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Gamers seek relaxation, favor mobile devices and watch game streams


Gamers are turning to mobile games in a bid for relaxation according to a survey from Tinuiti reports Venture Beat.

“Tinuiti said brands can tap into these use cases through marketing vehicles like rewarded video ads, which allow gamers to earn in-app rewards by voluntarily watching a video advertisement. By offering power-ups or other add-ons directly to gamers to attract ad views, marketers can offer a good value exchange without detracting from gameplay.”

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The Future of AI in Mobile App Development


In a guest post article, Spiceworks explore the role of AI in app development and discuss how AI works in enhancing user experiences, improving app functionality, and enabling personalized interactions.

“From consumer monitoring to language translation, AI-driven features transcend geographical and functional boundaries, fostering inclusivity and global interactions. However, it’s essential to implement AI features thoughtfully and transparently while ensuring user data privacy and maintaining a balance between automation and human touch.”

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