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This week, MEF and Google extended a warm ‘Bienvenue!’ to our Members and guests at the second RCS World gathering. This year’s event took place in the impressive Google headquarters in the heart of Paris. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of RCS Business Messaging (RBM), gaining insights from industry-leading brands, agencies, mobile network operators (MNOs), aggregators and messaging providers who are pioneering the realm of conversational commerce. The day was enriched by real-life experiences and success stories, as well as enlightening presentations and panel discussions by experts from around globe. Together, we delved deep into the boundless potential of conversational messaging.

In case you couldn’t attend in person, fear not! The entire event was live-streamed on YouTube and remains available for viewing at your convenience. Check out a selection of photos from the day, and the MEF Meetup that evening!

Watch RCS World 2023 in Full

The whole of the event is available to watch now  – enjoy the entire show as it was live streamed – MEF Members can access exclusive content & presentation materials.

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