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We take a weekly look at mobile tech stories from around the world. Headlines include…  Meta says not planning ads on WhatsApp, French iPhone 12 warning, Private AI summit with senators and more…

Meta says not planning ads on WhatsApp

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch comments on Meta’s response to reports that the social media giant was planning to bring advertising to Whatsapp – a claim which it disputes.

The Financial Times reported that teams within Meta were evaluating showing ads in conversation lists, but WhatsApp released a statement to say no such tests were underway or planned.

Tech Crunch notes that WhatsApp has so far made most of its money from enterprises using WhatsApp Business, where merchants can connect with customers directly – which has amassed some 200 million monthly users.

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French iPhone 12 warning: European regulators examine alert on radiation levels


BBC news reports on concerns in Europe over electromagnetic radiation levels caused by the iPhone 12.

France has ordered sales to be halted amid the concerns, with the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) saying that tests had shown it was exceeding safe limits – which Apple refutes saying they have provided proof of compliance.

In the wake of the French ban, several other European countries have pledged to investigate, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

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Private AI summit with senators, titans of tech garners controversy

Ars Technica

Ars Technica discusses a meeting held this week in Washington to discuss the future of AI regulation, which has come under fire for being unrepresentative of key stakeholders.

Of the 22 guests at the event, they report, 14 were CEO’s, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, OpenAI’s Sam Altman, and Jensen Huang of Nvidia. leading some to question whether the discussion could be sufficiently technical to fully discuss the issues;  “These CEOs are largely not. And they are very much incentivized to obscure critical details, to the extent they themselves understand them.” said Dr. Margaret Mitchell of AI platform Hugging Face – (who’s CEO was in attendance).

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Govt rejects use of mobile money to send elderly cash


In Uganda, Monitor reports on the failed proposal to use mobile money to pay elderly residents their Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment (SAGE) money by mobile, citing the low mobile ownership, or other technical barriers which made the plan untenable.

The proposal had come about to counter the problem of elderly residents having to trek long distances to access paypoints, and mobile had seemed like a good solution, but has since been withdrawn due to the unsurmountable technical problems, and another solution will be found.

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How ChatGPT is shaping the future of mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Mobile Marketing Magazine shares a podcast featuring , Jenny Pollock, Lead Monetization Program Manager at IMVU discussing the role of ChatGPT in mobile marketing, encompassing user generated content, and how AI may be used in the future. Shes joined by Maria Lannon, VP of Sales and Account Management at Remerge.

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How Mobile Gaming Became The Largest Gaming Sector

East Mojo 

East Mojo provides a retrospective on the global mobile gaming market, charting the sector’s rise to dominance based on user base and revenue.

It cites the massive audience, diversity of products and the ever advancing technology available as contributing factors, before looking ahead to where the mobile games sector might go in the future.

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