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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. Stories this week include…  China Mobile proposes metaverse regulation, triggers critics for privacy concerns, The Killer App for Threads Is the Web,  The Role of Analytics in Mobile Gaming: How Game Development Companies Use Data to Drive Success and much more…

China Mobile proposes metaverse regulation, triggers critics for privacy concerns

Coin Geek

After submitting fresh proposals to a United Nations (UN) group focusing on a digital identity system, China now wants to set the standard for a global metaverse regulatory framework.

The recommendations stem from state-owned telecommunications firm China Mobile and revolve around the use of digital IDs “to keep the order and safety of the virtual world,” Politico has reported. China Mobile submits that digital IDs should contain the necessary information, including the occupation of users and other “identifiable signs.”

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The Killer App for Threads Is the Web


THREADS, THE TEXT-BASED social network that Meta recently launched as part of Instagram, is finally on the web. Earlier this week, Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg shared that Threads for the web would be “rolling out over the next few days.” That rollout has begun; some users already have access to the web version.

It’s the next phase for the new social app, which launched in early July as a bare-bones text-threading app. Similar to X, the company formerly known as Twitter, Threads allows people to post text updates, “heart” or like others’ posts, repost them, and reply in a Thread.

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The Role of Analytics in Mobile Gaming: How Game Development Companies Use Data to Drive Success

Telemedia Online

The rise of the mobile gaming industry started a long time ago, and since then, this market has gone through several levels of advancement. Nowadays, any mobile game development company can collect various data to leverage it for advanced analytics and data-driven strategies.

User data and gameplay analytics allow game developers to tailor experiences and ensure sustained success. It’s not just about creating games anymore; it’s about understanding players and continuously evolving the gameplay based on real-world data.

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Unlocking IoT’s Potential with Mobile Private Networks


David Joosten of Vodafone US explores the transformative impact of Mobile Private Networks (MPNs), revolutionizing IoT connectivity across industries with security, scalability, and personalized coverage.

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t the future; it’s already here. Connected online devices today outnumber humans and are set to grow further, empowering manufacturing, industry, and science.

There’s another acronym you need to know about. The future of our infrastructure lies in MPNs – Mobile Private Networks – which will give them greater connectivity, security, and scalability.

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Global ad spend to pass $1 trillion in 2024 – report

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Global advertising spend is on course pass the $1 trillion (£788.6 billion) mark for the first time in 2024, following growth of 4.4 per cent this year and a further 8.2 per cent in 2024, according to a new study from WARC.

The analysis, published today, for the first time combines data from WARC’s proprietary survey of media owners, industry bodies, ad agencies and research organisations in 100 markets worldwide, with ad revenue data from 40 of the largest media owners.

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Shaping The Future Of Gaming


The global gaming industry is undergoing a significant transformation that’s as exhilarating as the games we create. As we navigate this evolution, several key trends are emerging, each playing a vital role in shaping the future of gaming.

As the president and interim CEO of a company dedicated to providing game developers with the tools and services to operate and sell more games globally, I am thrilled to share my perspective on these trends.

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Xbox must have mobile presence if it’s going to thrive, Phil Spencer says


Phil Spencer has said that Xbox must have a mobile presence in order for the brand to continue to thrive.

In an interview with Eurogamer today at Gamescom in Cologne, Spencer emphasised the importance of mobile for Xbox to continue to grow its audience – and said it was the core reason behind Microsoft’s interest in buying Activision Blizzard (including its mobile arm King) for $68.7bn.

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Meta is shutting down Messenger Lite for Android in September

Tech Crunch

Meta is shutting down Messenger Lite, its lightweight stripped-down version of Messenger, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. Users of the app are starting to see a message that advises them to “use Messenger to keep chatting.” The app has been removed from the Google Play Store for new users and will no longer be available after September 18 for current users.

“Starting August 21, people using the Messenger Lite app for Android will be directed to Messenger or FB Lite to send and receive messages on Messenger,” a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch in an email.

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