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Flash Calling is a hot topic among the operator community, aggregators, and the CPaaS community. Operators are unsure whether it poses a threat to their A2P business or presents an opportunity to create a new A2P Voice stream. Meanwhile, aggregators and CPaaS providers are proactively pushing services for enterprises to implement Flash call authorization.

In this webinar, we aim to explore the operators’ side of the story, understand their dilemmas, and explore their approaches to tackling Flash calls.

MEF Project Manager Ross Flynn is joined by an all-star cast of experts, including Anurag Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer at Globe Teleservices, R S Ranganathan, CTO at GTS Techlabs, Nadir Patel, GM of Carrier & Roaming Services at Omantel and Kandara Samphon, Head of International Partnerships at Orange International Carriers and Simon Nainkin, VP of Wholesale Messaging Clickatell.

Watch the full webinar below.

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