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On the 24th of May 2023, Matt Ingold passed away. A member of the Sekura Mobile intelligence team, and previously at Cisco/IMIMobile, Matt was widely know in the MEF community.

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is an association of companies and professionals: we build new partnerships and enrich existing relationships. In this instance, we share the bad news for all that might have met Matt in our circle. We have asked Jason Lunn from Cisco/IMIMobile to share some words on Matt’s life and what has been set up to support Matt’s family after his unexpected passing.

Our world is so full of communication and something that is so close to our businesses and lives everyday, it came as a massive shock to many, including myself that we all lost one who was so close.

It’s only been a couple of days and I realise how hard this is for many, but nothing compared to his partner Chloe and children, where our thoughts are focused at this time.

For those of you who are unaware this person joined my team initially nearly 9 ago, straight out of the forces.

Before he joined it was obvious he passion and enthusiasm was going to be so powerful in his future success, loving learning and improving our ecosystem over several years.

He progressed quickly and learnt in other roles, and after a short time away, rejoined the Infracast/IMImobile team, before more recently being with Mark Harvey & Sekura team.

His passion was always there and it’s going to be very difficult for sometime for us without those fun get togethers (cough meetings).

Our thoughts are with Chloe, Ava & Ralph, plus all of his family and friends at this time.  We understand there is no easy way to replace him, but we can support his direct family, so please follow the link below to the JustGiving page.

Once we have more information to share, we’ll let everyone know.

In the meantime our deepest sympathies, Jason & the Lunn family, plus all those of us who will miss you Matt.

Matt’s JustGiving Page

Jason Lunn

Global Connectivity, CPaaS, Cisco