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In the recent MEF Webinar, CEO Dario Betti is joined by two leaders in phone number intelligence and mobile identity, who take a deep dive into the current state of fraud, how it harms the global communications ecosystem — and how phone number intelligence data can unlock new protective potential.

The fear of fraud across our mobile ecosystem is a major driver of innovation, and everyone is always looking for new ways to drive out bad actors and protect users from phishing, spoofing and more. In fact, the demand for advanced fraud protection has never been more acute, but as the communications landscape grows more sophisticated, so do the scammers and their techniques.

So, what’s the solution to ensuring everyone in the mobile ecosystem can be adequately vetted, their messages can be verified and the impacts of malicious actions can be mitigated?

To answer questions like these, MEF’s recent webinar, “Building an Intelligent, Data-Based Fraud Protection Ecosystem in an Evolving Mobile Landscape,” brought together industry luminaries from netnumber Global Data Services and Sekura Mobile.

As far as the importance of secure, reliable communications goes, Bradley Greer, Senior Director of Data Solutions & Partnerships at netnumber Data Services notes, “People expect on-demand services, and communication is at the root of all of that.” He references how users expect a text when they get a package delivered, notifications when bank funds are transferred and so on.

This undercurrent of immediacy directly translates into the discussions about solving fraud.

If data is key to verifying and vetting phone communications, it needs to be available immediately so that those communications can be uninterrupted. Furthermore, Greer adds a comment on how companies specializing in cybersecurity and threat intelligence tell us that we only hear about 20% of the personal data that truly gets exposed — making it clear why the pursuit of optimized protection is key.

Still, as Keiron Dalton, Chief Product Officer at Sekura Mobile advises, the face of fraud is shifting, and the way we combat bad actors must shift as well. So, what is really being used in the battle against fraud? Dalton notes, “Where you’ve got to get clever is utilizing the information you have…around the mobile phone.”

Looking at that information and harnessing its insights is how both netnumber Global Data Services and Sekura Mobile serve the greater mobile landscape. With intelligent insights into the data of each mobile user, phone number histories and beyond, MSOs, CSPs and more can make more educated decisions and protocols based on real verification and vetting.

In essence: The right data sheds light on the dark underbelly of fraud, putting the providers and users back into a position of power.

Of course, the conversation continues by digging into more specific use cases, solutions and tips for leveraging data in the pursuit of trust and identity protection. Highlights include tips on how to avoid ‘one-size-fits-all’ pitfalls when implementing solutions, how to communicate with and bring end users into the anti-fraud equation, and more.

Don’t miss these actionable insights from industry leaders — check out the full webinar here.

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