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Can AI, blockchain and other frontier technologies offer hope in the fight against malpractice and fraud? Globe Teleservices thinks so. In this MEF TV interview at MWC, Pallavi Kudtarkar, executive director of Globe Teleservices explains why.

The global A2P messaging market has been booming for ten years. And it’s still on the up. Industry analyst Juniper Research says the A2P market was worth $48 billion in 2022 ¬– and that revenues will increase to $78 billion by 2027.

But the market still faces stern challenges. The growth of A2P has brought fraudsters and spammers into the space. Meanwhile alternative channels such as flash calling have emerged that threaten to cannibalise A2P operator revenues.

Globe Teleservices is one of the industry’s leading intermediaries. It offers more than 350 interconnects all over the globe. Every year it terminates 1.5 billion voice minutes and delivers more than a billion messages.

GTS has a vested interest in protecting the market from abuses. That’s why it launched a dedicated R&D unit. The specialist division applies cutting edge tech such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to problems such as fraud.

Its main focus is operators and regulators, and it has already developed products that help MNOs manage and block flash calls, as well as a consent management solution for regulators.

In this exclusive for MEF TV interview at MWC23, GTS’s Pallavi Kudtarkar elaborates on these breakthroughs and also discusses the company’s successful product launches in Africa and how it connected the tiny Pacific Island of Niue.

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