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Last month, MEF launched the first ever yearbook for the business messaging community. The publication was greeted with delight and a degree of relief by stakeholders and interested parties. Here, at last, was a comprehensive review of everything that matters in the $48 billion A2P mobile messaging space.

More specifically: the yearbook presented the latest market forecasts, plus analysis of the most compelling trends – OTT channels, new commercial models, emerging technology, fraud, regulation and more.

The yearbook is a much-needed resource. And the MEF was the logical source to deliver it. In fact, no other organisation can rival its credentials. MEF’s Business Messaging workstream is where the industry gathers to talk, collaborate and launch new initiatives.

Tim Green, MEF Features Director, edited the Business Messaging yearbook. In this exclusive webinar he chats to MEF’s director of programmes James Williams about the genesis of the project, its content and its aims.

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