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During the recent MEF Leadership Forum in Miami Meredith Wiegman, Product Manager for US Messaging at Sinch shared a detailed look at 10DLC and how it fits in with the future of messaging. Here she outlines the key takeaways. All of the MEF Leadership  sessions are available to watch on demand now – MEF Members can login to get the slides.

10-digit long codes (10DLC) are a messaging framework designed to improve the deliverability and reliability of Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging from local 10-digit phone numbers. In other words, 10DLC lets businesses communicate with their customers through text from a local business line, in a reliable, affordable, and carrier-sanctioned manner.

Whether you’re new to 10DLC or already working with the framework, there’s always more to learn. In this session, led by the US Messaging Product team at Sinch, my team and I presented an in-depth look at the current state of 10DLC.

Sinch is a direct connect aggregator (DCA) and a leading provider of messaging and voice solutions globally.​ As a DCA, Sinch is in a unique position as a liaison between businesses and carriers, with direct connectivity into carrier networks for the delivery of 10DLC messaging campaigns. Sinch is a key player in the 10DLC messaging space, helping to spearhead the development and growth of 10DLC.

A key takeaway from my part of the session was the importance of choosing the right messaging partner to navigate the ins and outs of 10DLC messaging. A reliable and experienced partner can help simplify where an organization best fits into the 10DLC ecosystem

Jonathan Vimont, Director of US Messaging at Sinch, reviewed the history of 10DLC and how it has evolved since its inception in 2019. Drawing on data from MNOs and industry partners, Jonathan shared insightful statistics on the adoption and growth of 10DLC messaging.

Around one thousand campaign service providers (CSPs) have signed up with The Campaign Registry (TCR), registering over one million 10DLC campaigns, representing an increase of 215% from end of year 2021 to end of year 2022. There are around ten million phone numbers in use for 10DLC messaging campaigns, a 25% increase from last year. About 65-78% of A2P traffic has been registered, up from only 25% of A2P traffic a year ago.

David Schwind, 10DLC Product Manager at Sinch, covered current challenges with 10DLC. Scalability is the number one challenge facing 10DLC at the moment. We can’t make 10DLC a copy of US short codes. 10DLCs need to be provisioned and enabled at scale, which is difficult to do today. Differences in throughput management and campaign requirements have led to a less than unified approach, increasing the complexity of 10DLC adoption. David discussed the hurdles encountered with extended timelines for campaign review, due to the sheer volume of campaigns submitted. David’s key takeaways were: can we make 10DLC scalable, compliant, and more stable in 2023, and how can we come together as an industry to make this happen?

A key takeaway from my part of the session was the importance of choosing the right messaging partner to navigate the ins and outs of 10DLC messaging. A reliable and experienced partner can help simplify where an organization best fits into the 10DLC ecosystem. Many find the 10DLC registration process to be complex. A 10DLC partner should help educate and guide brands on 10DLC registration requirements, make the registration process smoother, and make it clear that if you’re a business texting on a US local number, then you are required to register your number for 10DLC.

Compliance is another crucial aspect of 10DLC. Brien Jones-Lantzy, Messaging Compliance Manager at Sinch, highlighted 10DLC “red flags”, including cannabis content, phishing attacks, and brands using anonymous LLCs. Brien emphasized the need for proactive review of message content, not only to be on the lookout for red flags, but also to ensure that message content aligns with the registered use case. CSPs should actively monitor campaign health, including opt-out ratios and 7726/7 reporting. Look for a DCA partner that is proactive and communicative in compliance tracking. It is critical for the safety of the messaging ecosystem to ensure that bad actors can’t use 10DLC to send prohibited content.

Overall, the session offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of 10DLC and its impact on the business messaging ecosystem. There are still many businesses who have yet to add A2P messaging to their local business line, and 10DLC presents the opportunity for tremendous growth. This in-depth look into 10DLC will help you stay informed and educated on 10DLC as one of the latest developments in A2P messaging.

To find more expert tips and resources on 10DLC, mobile messaging, and CPaaS, make sure to visit Sinch Insights.

Meredith Wiegman

Product Manager, US Messaging, Sinch


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