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Bots are everywhere. Some are good (Alexa, live chat). Most are bad. They are deployed by fraudsters to eat up ad budgets. Is there anything to be done? Yes, says Dhiraj Gupta, co-founder and CTO of mFilterit. He explains the problem and the potential fix in this MEFTV video.

As of 2020, annual digital ad fraud was estimated to be sucking $20 billion out of the legitimate ad business. It’s probably even worse now, given the overall transition to digital spend during the pandemic.

Most of this fraud centres on bots. Fraudsters use bots to click on ads for which they get paid by brands. But with no human customer involved, there is no conversion or on-going value. According to Dhiraj Gupta, co-founder and CTO of mFilterit, this means that for every $100 that is spent, $20 is wasted. This is a conservative estimate.

mFilterit offers a technical fix. Its solution plugs in to campaigns and then identities and blocks non-human users in real time. Gupta explains more in this video from MWC23.

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