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MEF Director of Programmes James Williams shares news from the recent MEF CONNECTS  Mobile Content & Payments event held in Kuala Lumpur, where members and guests gathered to discuss the issues facing mobile content and payments sector in the region and globally.

Opportunities for MEF members to interact are many an frequent. With 10 working group meetings each month, live webinars most Thursdays, other online events and so many in-person events available, there are a truckload of opportunities for meaningful interaction an it was great to see 2023 get off with a real bang!

I’ve just returned from a great few days in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) where we put on MEF CONNECTS Mobile Content & Payments. The event would not have been possible without the full backing of member Sam Media who covered all aspects of the venues and administration locally so a huge ‘thank you’ to them. MEF curated the content and with representatives from over 60 different organisations present , a huge array of knowledge and experience was on tap for sharing.

The event launched with a lovely networking event on January 11th in the shadow of the iconic Petronas Towers. It proved a great opportunity for MEF members and invited guests who came from far and wide (think the UK, USA, Georgia and India for example) to get together to discuss all aspects of Mobile before the event proper got started the morning of January 12th. The panel discussions provided for great insights into so many different areas of Mobile and with robust discussion too, fun was had by all.

In-person events really cannot be beaten when it comes to energy and how people interact with topics and no stone weas left unturned when it came to covering all areas of Mobile Content and Payments. The areas of Business Messaging, Personal Data & Identity and Connectivity are inextricably linked with Content and Payments so they were covered too. We really threw the kitchen sink at this one.

It’s clear the fraud is a real, pervasive problem across the region and a lot of time was spent talking about how we as an industry need to collaborate and truly work together effectively to have a chance at being one step ahead of the bad actors. Discussing the role regulation has to play and how regulators should ideally react to the situation was discussed and underpinning so much was education. A topic MEF and its members knows very well. It’s all too easy to assume but that is dangerous and particularly when it comes to fighting often sophisticated fraud attacks, nothing should be assumed…

The attached pictures give you a flavour of what MEF is really all about; the Mobile Ecosystem Forum is truly global and we look forward to you joining us for events in Spain, the USA, Ireland, India, the UK, South Africa, Sweden, Brazil and other countries.

If you are reading this but your company is not yet a MEF member then please do email me to learn more about the opportunities MEF membership brings with it to further your brand recognition and general presence. Being a not-for-profit industry trade organisation you really do get out what you put in. Enjoy!

James Williams

Director of Programmes, MEF