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WhatsApp now has over 2.5 Billion Global users and an ever expanding range of businesses delivering key experiences for their customers around the world. In this session David Creasey-Benjamin, Future Messaging Evangelist at Webex CPaaS Solutions speaks to Yulia Dakin, Business Development & Partnerships at WhatsApp and explores why Messaging is so important to Meta, the range of meta channels and how they see the value across them. They take a look at some of the latest launches and what they’re achieving as well as taking a look at what’s next for WhatsApp.

Watch the full video below. The whole of MEF CONNECTS Omnichannel 2022 is available to view now on demand.

MEF CONNECTS Omnichannel – watch on demand

MEF Members met in London for our fully hybrid Business Messaging related event for 2022 – MEF CONNECTS Omnichannel. Taking place at The Kings Fund  in London, Members and guests gathered to review Omnichannel strategies, build new partnerships, identify new target audiences for goods and services, integrate new ideas and expand their knowledge of this fast-growing area.

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