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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. Stories this week include… Can an $8 Twitter subscription bail out Elon Musk? TikTok Users Are Bleeding Data, Survey finds UAE e-Commerce Highly Dependent on Mobile and much more…

Can an $8 Twitter subscription bail out Elon Musk? Let’s look at the numbers.


Elon Musk needs to make money…and fast. And he’s eyeing Twitter users’ wallets to do it.

Musk recently paid $44 billion for Twitter, a company that has turned a profit only twice in the past 10 years, and now he has billions in debt plus creditors and investors to please. What’s more, advertisers are fleeing the platform due to his leadership and a resulting rise in toxicity.

So, what’s the new Twitter CEO to do to bring back the bucks? Charge users a monthly fee for verification status.

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TikTok Users Are Bleeding Data


For good or for bad, TikTok is one of the most popular mobile entertainment apps in the United States today. Its appeal to teens and a youthful demographic has captured a massive and growing audience with its community platform for creation and sharing short-form videos. It all sounds like fun and games, which are undeniable facets of its meteoric rise in our modern culture. A recent report by cybersecurity firm Internet 2.0 however highlighted the hidden dangers of TikTok’s “excessive” data collection regimen, and it has many users wondering if their data is somehow at risk.

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UAE E-Commerce Highly Dependent on Mobile-Centric Consumer Experiences; Finds Latest Survey

Fintech Times

Shoppers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been found to be the most mobile-centric, omnichannel consumers in the world, according to the findings of a new survey by PYMNTS and Visa CyberSource; Visa’s payment gateway and risk platform.

Mobile phones have become the centrepiece in the armoury of digital payments, a vital tool that continues to make payments, both online and offline, more frictionless, efficient and transparent.

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Nintendo Systems will create new mobile games in 2023

droid Gamers

After a successful stint of mobile revenue with Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo is partnering with DeMa for even more mobile games. Forming a new studio, Nintendo Systems, the development team will create new games on Android and more.

Opening in April 2023, the joint venture is said to “strengthen the digitalization of Nintendo’s business”. While not all of its mobile ventures are successful, there have been a number of high revenue titles.

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The future IoT ecosystem will fuel monetization of data-driven use cases


The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) business is leading to an exponential increase of IoT connections, and will eventually generate a massive, continuous stream of data from these connections. This creates a significant monetization opportunity for CSPs, but demands the creation of the ‘right’ partnership and ecosystems. We explore how to do this through BSS modernization.

IoT applications are growing in complexity and generating high volumes of data. This creates the need for improved data ingestion and processing capabilities – where new data can be translated into valuable insights. With the help of IoT partners, communication service providers (CSPs) can support their customers to make data-driven business decisions and generate value from the data collected from the IoT ecosystem.

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4G and 5G Opening New Markets in iGaming and Crypto

Telemedia Online

When you think of the latest mobile tech coming out, the mind tends to go to Silicon Valley in the U.S., or perhaps London, Japan or Germany, and you’d also naturally think of the mobile tech users mainly being from the same place.

However, when it comes to data usage, other countries start coming into the equation which is a little less expected. Thanks to several factors we’ll discuss later, the people of places like Brazil and India are picking up mobile data usage at an incredible rate, and it’s having a notable effect on the iGaming and crypto industries.

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UK Banks still need to work on matching their mobile apps with customer demand

Insider Intelligence

The research: According to our forecast, mobile banking app use will extend to over half of the UK population by 2026. Though banks’ tech spending will continue to grow, it will be at a much slower pace than this year’s spike. Now is the time for banks to invest in mobile capabilities.
Our UK Mobile Banking Emerging Features Benchmark report highlights what customers are demanding, and where UK banks are succeeding and falling short. The benchmark surveyed 1,172 UK adults (ages 18 to 76) in July and August who had used mobile banking in the previous three months. It also examined the availability of mobile banking features at the 10 largest UK financial institutions (FIs) by total domestic assets.

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Contactless mobile payments to surpass 1bn billion users in 2024

Telemedia Online

The total number of unique contactless mobile payment users will reach 1 billion globally by 2024; rising from 782 million in 2022, representing a growth of 60%.

The report from Juniper Research identifies increased investment in contactless acceptance infrastructure, especially across emerging regions, as key to driving growth, through which over 200 million new contactless payment users will be added to the market by 2024.

The research predicts that increasing consumer demand for convenient and frictionless payment methods is also accelerating this growth, as consumers only require a smartphone or NFC-enabled device to use contactless payments, thus eliminating the need to carry multiple payment cards.

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Why Identity Verification and Digital Onboarding Is Crucial for Telecom in 2023

The Fast Mode

A new client’s onboarding in telecom might take days of information gathering, application completion, identity verification, printing or emailing, and waiting for the consumer to sign and return the paperwork. Every day that passes raises the possibility that the buyer may get impatient and find faster competitors. Furthermore, hand documentation draws mistakes, which add to expenses and delays. For larger organisations, these potential productivity costs might approach millions of dollars each year.

Telcos may gain a competitive advantage by digitising the client onboarding process. By focusing your digital transformation efforts on best practices, you may increase the competitiveness of your customer onboarding.

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