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MEF Recently invited Dotgo, in collaboration with Google and Orange, to host an RBM webinar focusing on how their RBM Hub can help simplify the RCS ecosystem.

In this webinar, our guests discussed how Dotgo’s RBM Hub provides a single connection point to onboard/verify agents, send/receive RBM messages to/from any RCS enabled mobile user across the globe, and generates QR codes for P2A traffic.

Hosted by MEF Advisor Michael Power, guest speakers included Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, EVP and CEO of Dotgo, John Shirley, Partnerships Development – Business Communications at Google and Mayte Martin, Head of RCS at Orange Spain.

Aggregators, ISVs, and developers face the following challenges:

  • Complex and time-consuming onboarding and verification processes
  • Fragmented APIs commercial models
  • Lack of awareness among brands and consumers
  • Reaching iPhone users

Over 100 carriers now offer RBM services, and RCS consumer reach exceeds 25% in many markets, with some key markets having more than 50% reach. With increasing acceptance and a growing user base, aggregators need a simple way to send RCS messages to users worldwide, on any carrier, in any country.

How can the RBM Hub help?

The RBM Hub simplifies the complexities of the RCS ecosystem, offering aggregators, ISVs, and developers a single point of termination, enabling seamless Rich Business Messaging (RBM) traffic worldwide.

Features and advantages of RBM Hub

  • Interconnectivity with MNOs across the world, irrespective of their MaaP or RCS vendors
  • One commercial agreement allowing aggregators, ISVs, and developers to deliver globally, over all carrier networks
  • Dotgo handles all backend complexity offering a single point for onboarding and verification
  • Develop applications using any of the common RCS APIs – FNW.11 or Google RBM API
  • Advanced APIs supporting RichOTP and RichSMS
  • Universal RCS helps deliver an RCS-like experience to iPhones and other non-RCS smartphones, granting 100% penetration
  • Detailed reports

Why do you need an RBM Hub?

Orange offers a single termination point to all national carriers in Spain. By combining Big Data and RCS, Orange offers comprehensive, end-to-end, helping clients build and deliver engaging experiences.

From its experience, Orange has learned that international businesses do not want just domestic services. Instead, they demand global services, enabling them to drive business messaging globally. With multiple stakeholders across the globe, a single platform like the RBM hub offers a single API, access to operators, and common onboarding and verification model, helping simplify the process and encouraging speedy RCS adoption and deployment.

Unique RBM Hub features

  • RCS campaign management – A simple tool that lets even non-coders set up RCS campaigns. You can create, manage, and schedule a full-blown RCS campaign with stand-alone or carousel-rich cards, adding customizations and call-to-action buttons. Moreover, the tool provides comprehensive downloadable PDF reports collating campaign data, KPIs, and metrics.
  • RichOTP® – Offer a better OTP experience to users with improved security, branding, visuals, and fraud prevention.
  • RichSMS – Upgrade boring SMS notifications with RichSMS, including rich cards, brand logos, and trust marks for RCS-enabled users
  • Universal RCS (URCS) – With Universal RCS, brands can gain 100% reach by sending RCS messages to iPhones and other non-RCS devices. URCS sends an SMS with a clickable link that offers an RCS-like experience in the browser. This allows aggregators, ISVs, and developers to monetize both SMS and RCS traffic.

Key takeaways

  • RCS is no longer just a tech of the future but a must-have messaging channel available today
  • Carriers have enabled RCS services for subscribers and allow incoming traffic from RBM Hub.
  • Aggregators can use RBM Hub to enable their customers to send RCS business messages to mobile users across the world.
  • Aggregators can quickly onboard and verify bots for their brand customers.
  • Aggregators do not need to sign commercial agreements with carriers. A single commercial agreement with Dotgo enables them to reach all carriers.
  • Dotgo offers aggregators end-to-end support, from developing RCS bots to delivering and managing successful RCS campaigns.

Watch the webinar in full here