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VOX Solutions is the exclusive gateway for international A2P SMS delivery into Jawwal Palestine’s network

Palestine Cellular Communications LTD – Jawwal, the first Palestinian provider of cellular communication service in Palestine, signed an exclusive interworking agreement with Vox Solutions (ex-Vox Carrier) for direct termination of A2P SMS international traffic to Jawwal’s network.

The exclusive direct connectivity partnerships between Vox Solutions and Jawwal Palestine ensures reliable and secure A2P messages delivery for Jawwal’s clients as well as international businesses by enabling and controlling the entry and delivery of all A2P SMS traffic (such as one-time passwords, customer notifications and other). This ensures the highest possible network protection from fraudulent attempts, thanks to the VOX team expertise and VOX-360 platform capabilities in the area of A2P Voice & SMS traffic monetization.

Spark has deployed a Mavenir 5G standalone cloud-native core solution on AWS Snowball Edge, a physically rugged device that provides edge computing and data transfer services. This is Mavenir’s first global edge deployment on AWS Snowball Edge.

“Banking, travel, transportation, healthcare, and other verticals are increasingly using A2P messages to send notice, authentication, and confirmations to their customers. For both companies and customers, high quality and timely messaging delivery is a must” says Malak Ziadni, Marketing Director at Jawwal. “This exclusive partnership with Vox Solutions, to terminate the International A2P traffic in our network, guarantees a reliable, high quality and secure delivery of A2P services for any regional or global brand.”

The multi globally awarded VOX-360 platform is a unique end-to-end solution in the market for its features related to antifraud, flash call authentication, A2P SMS monetization and mobile identity, enabling mobile operators to detect and block spam, as well as fraudulent traffic before they impact end users, thus improving the customer experience and optimizing the monetization of their networks.

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Tech promotions and recruitment drive at PM Connect

New CTO Sanjay Mistry, who joined us in June, has been quick to bolster the company’s technical resources – which now sits at 23 people. The core of the tech team operates out of our Birmingham (UK) headquarters but technology staff have been added in both South Africa and Portugal to match our global reach.

Sanjay Mistry, Group CTO, said:  “I said when I joined PM Connect that we have a top development team, built by my predecessor, Andrew Robins. The tech is strong, and the people are of high calibre. We needed to take this further and that starts by restructuring and strengthening resources where demand is highest. With Peter, Hugo, Tariqur, Jakub and Harprit joining us – that is exactly what we’re doing.

“I’d also like to congratulate both Shaun and George for their well-earned promotions to leadership positions, and Harry for his promotion, too. Empowering those who are hungry for more responsibility is something I’m deeply passionate about. Learning and progression should be at the heart of PM Connect’s culture, one that is self-sustained beyond myself and our Head of Development, Dwayne Rowley. Learn, develop, and improve processes – that’s what success looks like for me as a senior leader.

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Interview With Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO Of Dotgo, A Company That’s Perfecting RCS

Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO of Dotgo, a business-messaging-solutions company based in Berkeley Heights and Short Hills, is insistent.

“You should get it right away,” he says of Rich Communications Services (RCS) text messages sent from one cellphone to another. “Whether you are on the floor above or sitting across the world in India or London,” it’s a better method of business communications.

“RCS is a global standard that’s been developed by a consortium of mobile operators and technology vendors around the globe,” Mumick explained.

“We as a company started in New Jersey, building out RCS technology during the pandemic. That’s where we built all of our technology, but we are just a part of the overall RCS technology that’s been built around the world with very major players like Google and Samsung and Orange. All have had significant roles to play, and they’re continuing to have significant roles to play, in building out RCS technologies.”

Most of Dotgo’s RCS contribution was developed by both Mumick and his CTO, Surinder Singh Anand. “We built this technology starting in 2019, and we are still building the technology,” Mumick said. For the duo and the Dotgo team as a whole, this is an ongoing process.

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Orange steps up the digitalization of its offers in Africa and the Middle East

Orange ( wanted to meet its customers’ expectations by picking up speed on its digital offers in several countries in Africa and the Middle East. Many customers are more interested in digital, a trend that has gained momentum due to the Covid crisis. For example, Orange mobile data traffic increased 30% between 2020 and 2021.

People want to see and hear each other when they are apart, stay in contact with their communities through social media, share and express themselves, trade, access online knowledge, make their lives easier and be entertained.

To enhance its customer relations channels, Orange has developed 21 bots available in 11 countries in Africa and the Middle East: Morocco, Jordan, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Tunisia, Mali.

These bots can be accessed via the web portal, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and the My Orange app. Initially designed for information purposes (viewing your offer, voice and data balance, etc.), chatbots are now moving towards transactional services (money transfers, top-ups, etc.). In Guinea, Cameroon and Jordan you can now buy products and services via the chatbot in addition to receiving customer assistance.

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Out There Media and MTN Nigeria bring RCS to market, achieving outstanding results for mega-brands campaigns

Out There Media (OTM), the global leader in telco-driven mobile advertising, announced that it has successfully launched the first Rich Messaging campaigns based on RCS (Rich Communications Services) with a leading mobile operator, MTN Nigeria.

RCS is the new standard of messaging that provides a native, “brand-safe” environment, turning messaging into an interactive, actionable, feature-rich experience, including rich media, high-resolution images, videos, chatbots, file transfer, payment, location sharing, and much more. RCS brings the functionality of rich messaging apps like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp directly to mobile phones without having to download any third-party app.

Kerstin Trikalitis, Co-Founder and CEO, OTM, says: “It is rewarding to see how our growing partnership with MTN Nigeria is bearing fruit, working with leading brands to show the truly innovative and ground-breaking opportunities for RCS with Rich Messaging as a new media channel. Nigerian consumers are whole-heartedly embracing the opportunities brought by our unique, end-to-end, cloud-based, and fully-managed Rich Messaging solution.”

“Our proprietary technology platform, Mobucks™ takes full advantage of this new media channel allowing users to interact with brands in an unprecedented way. It produces a rich experience not yet seen in the marketplace and generates a highly effective return on investment for brands.”

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