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MEF Director of Programmes James Williams looks ahead to the next major MEF landmark event, MEF CONNECTS Wholesale 2022 – where the focus will be on a range of connectivity topics across the wholesale ecosystem including IoT, Sustainability, Messaging, Numbering Information, Roaming, Voice, security and more!

The global telecommunications market is worth north of USD 1.2 trillion annually, and for good reason. Practically everything we do as human beings in the digital world is underpinned by Telecommunications. Digital transformation is real and we are all feeling it every day of our lives, whether we know (or like) it or not…

Imagine you see a nice pair of shoes online, sold by a vendor you do not yet have an account with. You go through the sign up process with them online. You’ll no doubt be asked to verify your identity. It may be an email or SMS is sent with a PIN you have to enter as a second factor of authentication beyond the password you will have just created. You go on to place the order for the shoes, paying form online using a credit card. The shoes are then shipped to you. You are kept updated about the delivery – whether it be via email, SMS, chat apps, RCS/RBM or via push messaging via the enterprise’s own app. You might even be (now don’t flinch here!) CALLED by the brand with an update.

Yep, Voice – even after nearly 150 years – it’s still a big deal.

Most people give little thought about HOW all of the above is actually done though, instead focusing on the outcome; in this example they want the pair of shoes they really had their eye on. And receiving them very fast would be a bonus. But those of us in the know are aware of just how big a role telecommunications has in people’s daily lives globally. And underpinning all that is the world of Wholesale.

Talk about ‘wholesale’ in telecoms and many people automatically gravitate towards thinking about Voice or SMS. But Wholesale is about far more than that. It’s about connecting enterprises and organisations of all types, shapes and sizes with the likes of you and I at the end of the day. Whether it’s your government or the small independent sandwich shop around the corner from you, ALL need connectivity.

Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, 5G, IoT (M2M), Roaming, business messaging solutions beyond just the humble SMS (think chat apps and RBM/RCS for example) all come into the equation. And that is the REAL world of Wholesale! In MEF we call this ecosystem ‘Connectivity’ for obvious reasons as it is so vast and underpins everything our members do globally.

Our upcoming live 2-day FREE online MEF CONNECTS Wholesale event on September 14th & 15th reflects exactly this with huge diversity in what will be covered – identifying new revenue streams and growth drivers for Wholesale, achieving efficiencies, sustainability, new commercial models, automation, the emergence of new industry segments, Mobile IoT, Voice and business messaging of all types.

You name it and it’ll be part of the event!

Thanks to our members Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, ENEA AdaptiveMobile Security, Infobip, LANCK Telecom, VOX Solutions and XConnect for sponsoring this event, allowing us to offer MEF CONNECTS Wholesale globally to all for FREE – whether you’re currently part of the global MEF community or not.

James Williams

Director of Programmes, MEF



MEF CONNECTS Wholesale 2022 will be a 2-day online event bringing together stakeholders from across the industry – analysts, representatives from other trade organisations, mobile operators, content providers, messaging companies and many more

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