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The Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) in partnership with Google is hosting the first global Conference-Expo for the new RCS Business Messaging platform. Already millions of businesses rely on SMS to communicate with mobile consumers, but now they can also use its upgrade, RCS, with unique features to increase customer engagement.

RCS World will be based in Google’s high tech conference center, The Foundry, in Dublin on 12th and 13th July.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) offers a host of new opportunities for businesses and brands to engage with their customers, build relationships and increase sales.

The RCS World event will show enterprises, digital marketeers, and customer experience specialists the potential of this new engagement channel.

The two-day event will take place in the heart of Dublin, the emerging centre for digital innovations in Europe. Representatives from major international companies will be attending and sharing their expertise and visions of the future of RCS.

“In an age of hyper-competition, businesses need to learn how to utilise new communication channels. Establishing a strong bond starts with the new ways to strike conversations with your clients.” Dario Betti, the CEO of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum commented. “The consumers are immersed in mobile messaging daily and these platforms are developing new features for business to engage. Yet many companies today do not have a real Conversational Commerce strategy. Come to Dublin to immerse yourself in the potential of RCS Business Messaging.”

RCS World is aimed at generating awareness, boosting development of RCS, and providing hands-on, practical experience of conversational commerce. Learn from innovative companies, share best practices, explore use cases, metrics, and new marketing tools. By joining RCS World you’ll be part of shaping the industry’s understanding, education, and activities in RCS communications.

RCS World takes place on 12th and 13th July at The Foundry, Google Building Gordon House, Barrow St, Dublin, Ireland.

If you are interested in attending RCS World in Dublin, please get in touch.

A full agenda and list of speakers will be available in June. Speakers will be available for interview before and during the event. These will need to be booked in advance.

RCS World

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum would like to invite the RCS business messaging world to show enterprises, digital marketeers, and customer experience specialists the potential of this new engagement channel.

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