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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. Headlines this week include…  Google Play pulls dozens of apps that collected personal data from millions of Android users, Indian regulator scraps USSD fee on mobile banking,  Apple’s privacy changes cut revenues for two in five mobile advertisers and much more…

Google Play pulls dozens of apps that collected personal data from millions of Android users

Tech Radar

Google has removed dozens of malicious apps from its mobile app marketplace, all of which allegedly contained code tied to a contractor employed by US national security agencies.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the company that wrote the code is called Measurement Systems. The firm is said to have paid developers around the world to embed its software development kit (SDK) in their apps.

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Mobile Wallets Are The Future


Today, we have Kosala Hemchandra, CEO and Founder of MEW (MyEtherWallet), the original Ethereum digital wallet and leading platform to access the entire Ethereum ecosystem. As an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in computer software, Kosala has built MEW into a team dedicated to being at the forefront of innovation in crypto.

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Indian regulator scraps USSD fee on mobile banking

Developing Telecoms

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has scrapped rates for unstructured supplementary service data (USSD)-based mobile banking and payment services in order to promote the digital economy in the country.

The mobile operators were charging 0.50 paisa per session (or messages) from 2G customers for availing of such services. USSD is a mobile shortcode that enables financial and banking transactions even on feature phones.

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Mobile gaming’s impact on the casino market? Everything you need to know

Tech Digest

The popularity in mobile gaming is hitting new heights these days, with more people than ever playing some of their favourite casino games on their smartphones. But why has this boom in gaming happened and how has it affected the casino market?

We’ll take you through everything you need to know about this exciting space. Most people who you know probably own a smartphone. In fact, in 2022 the number of smartphone users in the world was an astonishing 6.648 billion. That means that 83.72% of the world’s population owning a smartphone. It’s a growth of 49.89% from 2017, which is just an incredible statistic.

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Apple’s privacy changes cut revenues for two in five mobile advertisers, survey shows

The Hindu

75% of those who have lost revenue feared that Apple’s changes to its identifier for advertisers (IDFA) would put their business at risk.

Apple’s 2021 privacy changes around user targeted ads hurt revenues of around two in five mobile advertisers, according to a joint survey by two market intelligence firms.

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Social, unbanked and shopping online: understanding Zoomers key to retail growth past 2030 study finds

Internet Retailing

To achieve growth and success past 2030, businesses must start to understand the living, shopping and financial habits of Gen Z or Zoomers – consumers aged between 16 and 24 –now and accept that they are very different from previous generations.

The warning comes as global payments platform Thunes publishes the results of a global survey of 6500 Zoomers from across the globe to ascertain how they live their lives – and what that means for retailers and other customer-facing businesses.

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Nintendo Loses The Mobile Gaming Wars


It’s the end of an era. We’re post-major lockdowns. We’re mid-unionization attempts. We’re pre-flying cars. With Nintendo announcing that it’s shutting down service for Dragalia Lost, (which would be an amazing name for a drag brunch if any enterprising kings or queens or monarchs are in the market) it seems like the mega publisher has well and truly lost the mobile gaming wars.

“Isn’t the Switch mobile? I play Super Smash everyday while I poop!” Mobile here is meant in the British sense, say it with a Helen Mirren accent and you’ll get that we mean mobile as in mobile phones. But the Switch does have a big part to play in why Nintendo is abandoning its attempts to dominate the mobile gaming market.

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How Ai And Natural Language Processing Boost Programmatic Ads


During the pandemic there was an overall shift to digital advertising, and an increase in demand for two channels in particular: in-app advertising and connected TV (CTV) advertising. But as marketers attempt to leverage the benefits of programmatic advertising, they are faced with a series of obstacles and challenges in using demand-side platforms (DSPs), hindering their ability to make the most of the potential of their programmatic campaigns.

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EDITORIAL Racing to join the dots for better customer communications

Telemedia Online

Digital self service is all the rage – but if you think that just means IVR then think again. Today’s customers want to connect via messaging channels such as text and WhatsApp, but also help themselves. This means bots. Lots of them. Sort of the modern way to do IVR.

Research out this week suggests that  61% of customers have become more comfortable interacting with companies digitally since the pandemic, on websites, apps and other online channels. And 60 per cent would now prefer not to call a live customer service person at all if they can solve their issues themselves using online resources.

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How governments are shaping the race to 6G

Light Reading

South Korea’s ICT minister sparked headlines from Mobile World Congress last month when she appeared to announce 2028 as the starting date for Korean 6G.

With the US, China and Japan anticipating commercial 6G starting no earlier than 2030, this seemed to suggest the Koreans were either impressively confident or utterly deluded.

In reality, the minister, Lim Hye-sook, was merely affirming the 2028-2030 timetable her government set last year (see 6G off to a flier – but to where?).

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