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Vice President of Marketing Henrietta Shone shares her take on the XConnect fireside chat, held at the recent MEF event in London, where CEO Eli Katz chatted to Dario Betti about voice and messaging in the context of omnichannel.

I think we can all agree that it’s great to be back at in person events, and MEF Connects Omnichannel was no exception. Our CEO and Founder, Eli Katz, took to the stage with Dario Betti of MEF to discuss the issues of quality delivery across voice and messaging channels.

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In an omnichannel environment, a phone number remains one of the most important identifiers

for Voice, SMS, RCS an even some OTTs, and, in order to deliver messages and voice traffic, providers want to know whether a number exists, how it is reached, whether it is reachable and are there any risks with the number?

If you’re delivering A2P messages, knowing this information enables you to deliver them quickly and route them to the right place first time – it enables you to deliver a quality service to your customers and maximise your revenues. Similarly with voice, this visibility of number information enables you to route directly, but also deal with surcharges such as origin based rating. We like to say that number information helps messaging and voice providers deal with three challenges:

  • Routing
  • Rating…and
  • Validation

High quality and up to date number information enables senders and recipients of traffic to trust the connection – and therefore each other. It enables service providers to differentiate on quality and provide a trusted service to their customers.

So catch up with the video on demand to find out more…

Henrietta Shone

VP Marketing, XConnect


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