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Thangaraj Durairaj, Head of Voice Vodafone Carrier Services, shares an update on how Vodafone is helping comminicate without boundaries with cloud-based calling and shares useful use cases.

We have come a long way!

As we have adapted to life around the COVID-19 pandemic, online services have taken on a new meaning altogether.

Pub quizzes, after work drinks, family get-togethers, job interviews, corporate events and more have moved into virtual lobbies, keeping the world connected from a distance.

The popularity and accessibility of virtual services have also rocketed with the growth of cloud and innovation, driven by new services from Over the Top (OTT) companies. OTT’s use the internet and existing infrastructure to deliver new services: think taxi services that don’t own any cars or Hoteliers without property.

  In a world where your business needs to reach out to global customers, there is no place for barriers.
Here’s a simple solution to connect more, track better and expand your horizon.

A great example of this is also food and grocery deliveries. Once an order is placed there’s a tight time window and the driver needs to contact their customer quickly if there’s any issues, often without centralised support.

From a privacy perspective, the driver using their own number isn’t appropriate and investing in handsets for casual workers is an expensive option.

With cloud calling, a onetime number is generated through an app for that transaction and recycled after a set period. This keeps individual numbers hidden on both sides, protecting both driver and customer.

Virtual taxi companies, deliveries, peer-to-peer marketplaces and even dating apps will see users benefit from the privacy and security that cloud calling offers.
Almost all these services allow you to join from a phone number that is local to your country with video if you need to, avoiding the costs that usually come with international dialling.

But where do these numbers come from?

How many times have we ignored an 0800 number but answered a recognisable prefix like +44, +1 or 020?

For those in the technology communications industry virtual calling is not an alien concept anymore, thanks to the pandemic.

Contact call centres, conferencing platforms and virtual landline numbers have helped businesses appear local for many years.

Though easy in theory, it’s important to recognise the vast amount of regulatory bodies governing communications across the world. Although new technology has made cloud calling easier than ever before, managing multiple regulators, languages and legal systems represents a real barrier to cost effective expansion. And not adhering to these restrictions jeopardises both the supply chain and business reputation.

That’s why the right partner is crucial. A players’ claim to know the landscape is inconsequential here, if they aggregate through lesser-known 3rd parties in the background this can put compliance at risk, as well as impact call quality.

When it comes to global expansion, particularly in the age of lockdowns and mass work-from-home, a partner with global reach and deep industry expertise represents a significant advantage. As we are moving into the new normal, businesses with access to cloud calling can continue to explore new opportunities nationally and internationally, even if restrictions keep them rooted at home.

This might mean opening virtual offices with local, even city specific numbers that match that region. As well as appearing closer to home, this also keeps costs low for the end customer by avoiding any international dialling surcharges.

Looking ahead…

As the technology progresses, enterprises will be able to enter several markets, self-assigning by geography and able to select numbers based on popularity.

The humble phone call has never sounded so good!

At Vodafone Carrier Services (VCS) we have just the right solution to meet the cloud-based calling needs because we have designed it with our customers in mind. We fulfil the need for a single partner with global inventory, straightforward commercials, and proactive support models.

Our VCS Cloud Numbers solution, is available with the peace of mind that every number offered is following local regulatory requirement and a single service model. Additionally, we handle Cloud Numbers call traffic at par to our own subscribers, offering a direct termination to over 5 billion mobile end points subscribers over our HD enabled network.

Let’s talk about how we can help you surpass your customer’s experience, while also taking care of regulatory barriers & operational complexities for you.

Thangaraj Durairaj

Head of Voice, Vodafone Carrier Services