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Intis Telecom have announced the launch of a new domain zone and customer portal for the new * domain – CEO Andrey Insarov explains why this is an important moment for Intis and the mobile industry.

Intis Telecom have been in the business messaging world for over a decade now and know how powerful the likes of text messaging can be for any organization. It does not matter how big or small, all can benefit from engaging with their customers using channels such as text messaging, SMS or WhatsApp for example.

A multi-channel approach is required with clients and we find it is best our enterprise clients ask their customers exactly how they want to be engaged with.

Which channel they prefer. Get this right and you have a great chance of increasing your client interest, loyalty and ultimately revenue and margin. Some might prefer email. Some chat apps whilst others appreciate the directness of SMS.

This is what business messaging is about. What about the REAL basics of a company though? The most basic thing surely has to be the name you choose for it. Think about the process you go through.

When a company where an online presence is to be a huge part of their business (or only element) is being created today, the majority of the time people will not choose a name first and then see what domain name matches as closely with that as possible. It’s the other way round. They will see what domains are available, reserve one or two and then create the company name (brand) on the back of that.

Today therefore, a web domain is not something for vanity or show, instead to a large extent a critical component for being able to build a successful business on. How useful would it be to have for example for a crypto related company, for an ecommerce company or for a security company? Very useful we think.

With so many companies existing either only online or rushing online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses can have a real problem finding a domain that works for them now. Ideally what they choose must be as meaningful, brief and easy to remember. All wishes which are far from easy to fulfil given so many domain names are already taken. Let’s take a closer look at the issue with some key statistics:

  • 1,500+ Top-Level Domains (TLDs) exist around the world
  • 75% of those are a .com
  • 90% of traffic is in the .com world zone
  • 92% of startwords in the English language are already taken
  • the top three are .com, .tk and .cn (bet not many of you knew that!)
  • 5 billion internet users globally
  • 2 billion sites
  • 400 million domains today (forecast to increase 50% by 2027)

You’ll get from this that in almost every country around the world, the best type of domain to have associated with your business is something with .com. In Italy it will truly help you having something with ‘IT’ in there and we just happen to have a very nice solution for that in particular. The problem is most .com names are taken and when thinking about the English language it really becomes a big problem.

Instead of registering hard to remember, long, polysyllabic names – often using hyphens within the .com zone or experimenting with exotic domain names – we’ll be launching a solution on November 1st which aims to take these headaches away for you – IT.COM. Our domain registrar will allow you to secure any domain like A fantastic opportunity to really transform your existing business or give you a creative platform on which to launch a new one.

A problem with a lot of the fashionable domain names available is that you may find yourself losing traffic but the benefit of having something sitting within ‘’ is that it still belongs to .com gTLD so you won’t lose any traffic. That situation can arise when a website has a different, not .com, address and visitors misuse URLs of the website simply writing it with .com at the end of the URL as they were used to doing it.

Many people underestimate the power of email, but we have seen recently some big money spent by other business messaging companies on players that know the email world very well. All reading this will no doubt have multiple email accounts. So, we all need to ace email as well with our own customer base and having a truly memorable domain really does help get those emails read. It is all about brand association and reinforcement and the same broad messages need to be delivered no matter the channel used.

Here at Intis Telecom, we like reminding people about the power of text messaging but to this we can truly add the power of a great domain name too. With so much competition out there we all need to do everything we can to differentiate ourselves wherever we may be operating around the world.

Andrey Insarov