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In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, CEO Calin Calancea introduces Enabld.

What does Enabld do?

Enabld is a modern European IT House specialized in CPaaS enablement, and Telecommunications Software development.

Our mission: Enabling Telcos and Service Providers to launch and grow enterprise communications at scale. We transform traditional Communication Service Providers into CPaaS Providers.

When did you launch and what growth have you seen?

Enabld is a recent spin-off from DAS Solutions, an IT powerhouse launched in 2013, and was founded by seasoned experts from leading telcos such as Orange, Telia, ZTE and BICS.

​In 2016 we started developing an SMS Platform which would allow Carriers and Service Providers to run a successful SMS Wholesale business. We have onboarded a dozen of customers in Europe, Asia and Americas and have many hot leads in the pipe.

In 2019 we continued by developing an Enterprise Messaging Platform – a powerful B2C communications tool for SMB and large Enterprise allowing to manage and send mass marketing campaigns, alerts, reminders, polling, meetings scheduling, 2FA, etc. We offer it as a white-label solution for Service Providers.

In 2020 we started developing a state-of-the-art CPaaS platform, a one-stop-shop solution for unified communications allowing businesses to embed communications into applications and create customized flows to enhance the customer and employee experience.

What are your main goals?

To become a leading CPaaS Enabler helping Service Providers to offer the full spectrum of unified communications services to their own Enterprise customers and therefore allowing Businesses to communicate and collaborate efficiently via all channel of communications (SMS, Voice, RCS, Instant Messaging/Chatbots, OTT messaging, WebRTC, IoT, etc)

To be a pioneer of combining CPaaS and IoT technologies. We shall integrate IoT solutions into our CPaaS platform to elaborate new innovative B2C and A2P/P2A communications solutions.

Where do you see your business in three years’ time?

Enabld will become one of the leading CPaaS Enablers for Service Providers.

What aspect of mobile is most exciting to you right now?

It is the rapid proliferation of the CPaaS technology and increasing market adoption of CPaaS solutions for unified/omnichannel communications.

The further 5G network deployment will allow integration of IoT solutions in mission critical applications and there is a great potential for combining IoT and CPaaS technologies.

What’s the most critical issue that will hit mobile within the next 12 months?

Mobile communications providers will face an increased “storming” from messaging and communications OTTs which have been growing in numbers and quickly expanding globally (e.g. Zoom, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc)., this being fueled by the pandemic situation in 2020, expected to continue through 2021.

Traditional telcos offer only two ways of communications: by Voice and by SMS. The OTT messaging and conferencing apps have grabbed a large piece of the communications market, especially amongst the young and middle-age generations. The RCS technology offers mobile operators a viable response to OTTs, but the adoption worldwide is still too low.

To stay relevant to their customers, telcos need to be able to offer Unified Communications services by adopting CPaaS solutions enabling and covering all the different types of communications channels.

The traditional Messaging platforms have been rather focused on SMS, although some of them have recently started to integrate with some OTT messaging and other communication channels. This is a good strategy and can be achieved by using DAS CPaaS platform which offers the capability to customize Unified Communications solutions and consume all types of different communications services as per their client’s needs.

Calin Calancea