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It wasn’t so long ago that when the words ‘wholesale’ and ‘telecommunications’ appeared in the same sentence, people automatically leapt to thinking about Voice or SMS. Yet Wholesale is about more. Far more. Digital transformation is all around us and underpinning this is Mobile. Think IoT, Roaming, 5G, Data and more and this is ALL Wholesale. Wholesale is all-encompassing and of course Voice and SMS have big roles to play in this growing industry.

Following the successful first edition of MEF CONNECTS Wholesale last year, MEF is pleased to be bringing back this popular two-day event, on September 27th and 28th. Live and online it is as always FREE for all to join. Thanks to our sponsors AdaptiveMobile Security, LANCK Telecom and XConnect for making this possible.

The event this year focuses on a wide variety of industry topics and showcases the opportunities that are both supporting the Wholesale business right now and setting the scene for the Wholesale industry of tomorrow. So watch MEF’s CEO Dario Betti, Wholesale Adviser Suzy Menneret and our Director of Programmes James Williams discussing exactly what you can expect from MEF CONNECTS Wholesale 2021. And remember, if you can’t catch a session live, we’ll be recording them all and making them accessible from our website soon after the event concludes on the 28th.

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This year’s event will focus on industry topics and opportunities that both support the Wholesale business today and will set the scene for the Wholesale industry of tomorrow.

Over 2 days MEF CONNECTS Wholesale experts and analysts from across our ecosystem will provide insights and interactive sessions on the future of roaming & wholesale messaging, the evolution of IoT and the evolution of voice services.

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