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iBASIS Becomes the Authorized Carrier of Claro Ecuador for the Monetization of all A2P SMS Messaging International Traffic

iBASIS announced today its agreement with Claro Ecuador to implement a comprehensive solution, becoming the authorized carrier for the monetization of all A2P SMS messaging traffic.

iBASIS’ SMS Firewall will ensure successful monetization of A2P traffic by monitoring all entry points and detecting leaks, while preventing the growing types of SMS fraud such as “smishing” or SMS phishing scams.

A2P SMS traffic increased 68.4% between 2019 and 2020, compared to 18.2% between 2019 and 2018. The growth resulted from business A2P SMS with new companies using the channel, but also existing businesses increasing their usage, due to the pandemic. In terms of spend, the growth has jumped to 51.6% in 2020 vs. 2019, compared to 16.1% the previous years*. There is still plenty of room for operators to leverage the growing market via their legitimate A2P SMS terminating routes to ensure greater and secure user experience.

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AiThority Interview with Matt Ramerman, President at Sinch for Marketing

Please tell us about your role and the team / technology you handle at Sinch. How did you arrive at Sinch?

As president of Sinch for Marketing, I lead a talented team focused on creating technologies that will transform customer relationships by helping enterprises make the paradigm shift from one-way to two-way or conversational marketing. We do this by making communications more personalized and relevant through high-engagement mediums such as video and rich messaging as well as leveraging conversational AI across mobile to drive high engagement.

I was previously CEO and co-founder of Vehicle, a personalized video and rich media messaging technology company that was acquired by Sinch in 2018. Prior to my time at Vehicle, I served as a principal at one of the largest privately held full-service agencies in the U.S., working with iconic brands such as AT&T, T-Mobile, HTC and Microsoft.

What does your product / service offering look like?

Sinch for Marketing is an expert on mobile customer engagement.  Our mission is to evangelize and drive the adoption and utilization of the Sinch product portfolio with CMOs worldwide. Part of Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications for mobile customer engagement, Sinch for Marketing helps brands strengthen their relationships with their customers via their mobile messaging channels.

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How to translate IoT potential into real business

The concept of connected things has been with us since at least the 1980s, and the term Internet of Things (IoT) was invented at the turn of the century. However, it was only with recent advancements in communications technologies that IoT started to catch the imagination of the mainstream as a big business opportunity.

Big numbers have been projected for the IoT market. According to the latest forecast from Ericsson (“Ericsson Mobility Report, November 2020”), the total number of IoT connections will grow from close to 13 billion in 2020 to nearly 27 billion in 2026. The segment to deliver the fastest increase will be wide-area IoT, growing from two billion to over six billion in five years’ time.

IoT has been a key focus point for BICS. As an innovative communications enabler, we are addressing IoT by providing a global connectivity solution. Today, we have dedicated teams bridging our traditional mobile operator partners with the enterprise world. We have been working on adapting our offering and organisation to the current market needs for IoT for several years now, and have a full range of global connectivity, monetisation, network intelligence, and security offerings for mobile operators in the IoT ecosystem. This includes a transparent channel where usage from IoT traffic originating from international companies can be collected – broadening the business opportunity and giving operators full visibility.

We are also engaging with key players in the IoT ecosystem, including silicon manufacturers, OEMs and solution providers, that will generate end-user demand for IoT connectivity and will, in turn, help mobile operators monetise those new revenue streams.

Our goal is to facilitate access to global cellular connectivity to all the players in the IoT ecosystem, ensuring we are a one-stop-shop for IoT connectivity services across any technology.

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Mitto Offers Unrivaled Omnichannel Reach in Argentina

Mitto, a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, today announced it enables optimized reach to 100% of Argentina’s mobile phone users through direct connectivity to all of the country’s mobile network operators (MNOs). By growing its strategic carrier relationships, Mitto supports businesses’ omnichannel growth strategies through fast, reliable message routing with full access into Argentina, where over 73% of citizens — or about 33 million people — own a mobile phone.

“In a crowded market, strong customer engagement becomes an imperative to achieving success, either as a local or international business. With over 33 million mobile phone users in Argentina, taking an omnichannel messaging approach across SMS, WhatsApp, and more is a logical way to help companies drive awareness and provide support to their customer base right at their fingertips,” said Carlos Losada, Mitto’s Regional Director for LATAM. “Through our expanded direct connectivity in Argentina, we have never been in a better position to help companies reach their customers in the right ways.”

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Kathiravan Kandasamy, Syniverse: Private networks and connectivity

“The networking infrastructure company for networking infrastructure companies.”

This is how senior product management director at Syniverse Kathiravan Kandasamy described the company in an interview with IoT News. Syniverse is a global telecommunications company that provides networking and business services for a host of multinational enterprises. In recent years, the company has expanded its offering into the IoT space, providing a variety of different connectivity solutions depending on how the enterprises it works with are utilising IoT devices.

Kandasamy joined IoT News to share his insights into security issues within the IoT space, as well as his thoughts on the trends and challenges facing the industry today.

As such a large company, what advice can you give to SMEs operating in the IoT space?

KK: A lot of companies… they buy, build, and partner, right? What I would recommend for small IoT companies is to go for partners who are single neck to choke. If you want to create solutions yourself you need to find a radio provider, someone who can provide the  coverage, and then you need to consider who does the services? For most companies, it’s much easier and cheaper going into a hosted deployment model than having to invest in your own infrastructure and resources.

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