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Available to view on demand now, our first MEF CONNECTS LATAM virtual event looked at the opportunities presented in the region, hearing from key local players over 2 days of amazing content. Here, MEF LatAm advisor Mitchell Cutmore shares his highlights. 

Our first MEF CONNECTS event with a regional, LATAM, focus was a resounding success thanks to our speakers and sponsors (Intis Telecom, IMImobile, Infobip, AWG and Syniverse) who also provided sessions and speakers over both days.

Our opening Keynote from Charlie Vayas, Digital Transformation Expert set the scene for digital transformation. He underlined that companies traditionally positioned to solve puzzles (where they lack information) are often set back by the mysteries facing many businesses today – where they’re overwhelmed with data and decisions to find the right way forward.

MobileSquared selected 10 insights from their data to get us going and throughout the rest of Day 1 our speakers singled out trends across the industry – whether in content consumption during covid; increasing overlap between mobile payments and messaging or the regulatory challenges of rolling out SMS firewalls in the region.

On Day 2, we looked closer at Brazil with a keynote from RecargaPay presenting the mobile payments landscape in Brazil – highlighting how financial support from the government has finally pushed a wave of unbanked consumers to open accounts and explore mobile payments for the first time.

We also heard more on SMS Phishing, Cloud Gaming and RCS. While RCS has faced a slow uptake, as brands were less willing to trial a new channel during the pandemic, mobile operators have still pressed on making progress with device activation and exploring internal use cases for Rich Business Messaging to share its benefits with interested brands.

If you’d like to share feedback on any of the sessions above and/or would like to participate in future events focused on LATAM, get in touch now.

Mitchell Cutmore



MEF Connects LATAM On Demand

With a population of 650 million, and being one of the most urbanized regions in the world, Latin America has huge potential for rapid further growth. Brazil alone has over 30% of the region’s population with subscribers there leading the way in app usage.

Over 2 days MEF CONNECTS LATAM shone a spotlight on the region to connect industry stakeholders from around the world with local players to understand the opportunities and challenges.

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