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Having accurate market intelligence is essential. It helps you to understand your target market, increase sales, and spearhead business growth in the burgeoning business messaging marketplace.

Mobilesquared research reveals the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we engage with our customers with many businesses turning to business messaging.

The established business messaging solution is SMS which generated $19.74bn of brand spend in 2020, up 11% on our original pre-pandemic forecast.

Part of this growth stemmed from  new entrants who started communicating with their customers through SMS, but still less than 3% of businesses globally are using A2P SMS today. Mobilesquared believes the “real” organic growth in A2P SMS starts now.

Mobilesquared Global A2P SMS Databook 2017 – 2025 provides a complete view of the market covering 200 countries , 630+ mobile operators and 16 market verticals and shows historic trends, actual revenues, and projected forecasts for A2P SMS.

It’s the “must have” source of intelligence for Brands, Enterprises, Aggregators, Mobile Operators, and Investors.

MEF members are offered the report for £2900 in the month of August which can be ordered on the Mobilesquared website using MEFaUGUST at check out.

Mobilesquared offer MEF members an exclusive 15% discount on all Mobilesquared databooks and reports, which include SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, and will soon include ABC, Messenger, and Viber. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.