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In a recent webinar with MEF, Syniverse’s rich communications services (RCS) subject matter experts Chris Wright, Vice President of Product Management; Mike Carnes, Senior Product Manager; and Krista Wilson, Senior Emerging Product Manager; shared insights into this evolving, growing technology. From the adoption of RCS to the monetization, the webinar covered many aspects relevant to operators today.

As over-the-top (OTT) applications become prevalent around the world, operators must adjust their strategy to best compete. Enter RCS. As the subject matter experts discussed on the webinar, the business side of RCS (application-to-person or A2P messaging) will be critical to revenue generation for operators.

RCS also extends beyond the limited capabilities of OTTs. Customized branding and color options to not only offer customization for enterprises but also improve security and trust for consumers to validate the company they’re interacting with on the platform. The functions available on RCS also offer consumers more options while allowing brands to track these engagements and adjust their marketing efforts. And operators can monetize these engagements.

The speakers also dove into what this monetization looks like for operators, rating options, the connection to 5G, and other topics surrounding the topic.

To learn more about RCS, watch the webinar, “Enable RCS today and monetize this engaging, secure channel.”

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