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For 20 years, businesses have used SMS as a channel for simple promotions and customer service alerts. Now, they are starting to switch over to rich channels such as iMessage and WhatsApp.

These platforms offer many more features than SMS, but there are still plenty of brands who don’t really know about this new messaging opportunity – or how to get started, which is why MEF and imimobile conceived the ‘Recipe Card’ concept, to put all the important information into one easy-to-read piece of content.

MEF recently hosted a webinar to walk through each of the six cards and to go deeper into the  unique properties of each of the featured channels inviting immobile’s David Creasy Benjamin and Ramy Riad to provide expert commentary. Watch the webinar in full below.

Each card provides a simple walk-through for any brand wishing to get started with a specific rich messaging channel. The channels covered are:

  • Apple Business Chat

  • Google Business Message

  • WhatsApp Business

  • RCS

  • Google Verified SMS

  • Google Verified Calling

Download the Rich Messaging Recipe Cards now

Get the lowdown on how to leverage the main Rich messaging channels – find out:

What does the channel do? – Information about available rich features brands can use.
Where can you use it? – Number of addressable users. Live country deployments.
Cooking method: How to set up – Information about creating a business account, getting authorised, testing and more.
Cooking time – An indication of how long it takes to launch live services