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BICS enhances global IoT with international 5G connectivity

BICS confirms the availability of borderless 5G capabilities to its SIM for Things solution.

This new addition enables enterprises, OEMs and hardware manufacturers to discover business opportunities and enhance its differentiation with new use cases for connected devices.

Examples include video surveillance, video calls, and in-the-field maintenance of industrial assets video-streamed in real-time, relying on the power of 5G networks for data-hungry, ultra-broadband, low latency communication.

“Connectivity is the foundation of IoT. As an enabler of IoT connectivity, it is imperative that we provide a full range of connectivity options that can be tailored to each specific use case. Today’s announcement represents the next step in realising new generation IoT use cases, powering data-hungry devices with high bandwidth 5G,” said Luc Vidal-Madjar, head of IoT Solutions at BICS.

“The addition of 5G to our plug and play solution is a move that will unlock new capabilities for OEMs and hardware manufacturers, enabling enterprises to continue to innovate in the IoT space for years to come.”

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Dotgo™ Bags the Prestigious MEFFY Award 2021

Dotgo, a pioneer in Rich Communication Services (RCS) and rich business messaging solutions, has received the MEFFY Award 2021 for RichOTP™ under the category of “Protecting the Mobile Customer”. Always at the forefront of product innovation, Dotgo carries a track record of successfully building solutions that mitigate customer pain points.

RCS is the next generation of SMS with support for pictures, audio, video and presence, combined with the security of SMS.

The RichOTP service, built on Dotgo’s patent-pending technology, and integrated or being integrated with multiple RCS platforms including Google Jibe, Jio, and Orange helps brands to increase the delivery rate and completion rate of OTPs while enhancing the security and reliability when compared to SMS.

“We are pleased to receive the MEFFY award for RichOTP. The genesis of RichOTP lies in our search for use cases that could benefit from the rich capabilities of RCS, and lead the way in terms of seeding the market for RCS business messaging,” says Surinder Singh Anand, CTO and VP, Product Management, Dotgo. “We would like to thank MEF, Dotgo’s technology partners, especially Google, carriers across three continents, and all the brands that were enthused by the capabilities that RichOTP could unleash.”

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UK government promotes biometrics companies Yoti, iProov in digital health solution showcase

A campaign has been launched by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) to showcase the talents of the nation’s leading digital health innovators, including multiple biometrics companies, to healthcare systems around the world.

‘The First 100 UK Digital Health Companies’ list is made up of businesses that have established a track record of benefiting healthcare professionals and patients in the NHS and private healthcare.

The list of 100 companies includes Foundry4, which remotely delivered the home COVID-19 testing service for the UK in only eight days, and companies that provide remote patient engagement and records digitization.

The biometrics industry is represented by Yoti, which is included as an ‘augmented healthcare professional,’ and iProov, which is listed among ‘future tech’ providers.

The idea is that these companies could help healthcare providers around the world deal with the looming backlog in the healthcare sector left in the wake of the pandemic.

DIT makes the list available in a ‘Digital Health Playbook,’ which it says can help support a variety of healthcare efforts, including the use of AI, pre-assessments, and remote monitoring and consultation.

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Dutch digital innovator Sam Media wins Meffy Award with VR streaming service Mobio360

The winners of the 2020 Meffys awards, voted by members of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), were announced at the virtual MEF Connects Innovators event – and Sam Media was nominated by MEF members for its service Mobio360 in the category Richer Mobile Customer Engagement.

This category is showcasing mobile products and services that encourage the positive participation and engagement of customers.

Meffy Awards, often seen as the Oscars from the Mobile Industry, celebrate innovation, creativity, and ingenuity in the Mobile Ecosystem, applauding the companies that have made a difference across the core ecosystems from the MEF.

Sam Media develops apps and digital products, like e-learning software and interactive entertainment portals. As a leader in innovation, it is the company’s mission to make digital products accessible to everybody on any device type. They are growing their reach in Africa by using alternative payment solutions like carrier billing, so their suite of products can be enjoyed by all users, even those who don’t have access to traditional payment methods, such as bank accounts or credit cards.

Alexis Bartels, CEO of Sam Media, responds to winning this award: “Our accomplishments are due in part to our partnerships with industry leaders, many of whom attended the event and are inspiring innovators in the mobile ecosystem. A big thanks to MEF for the outstanding evening.”

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Podcast: Mitto Launches Conversations and Google Business Messaging

Mitto recently commissioned a benchmark report on the state of customer engagement in digital marketing and discovered that nearly 80% of marketers choose SMS as the most effective digital channel. Mitto is a leading provider of global, omnichannel communications solutions, supporting business growth with advanced customer engagement technology and messaging enablement.

In this podcast, Milorad Mitrovic, VP Global Enterprise Sales discusses the results of the survey and which of the findings he found most surprising. We discuss two recent product launches from Mitto, Conversations and Google Business Messaging, and how they are helping create meaningful engagements between businesses and their users in a post-covid, contactless world. Listen in for illuminating insights on CPaaS and how Mitto grew from a wholesale A2P aggregator to a major player in the enterprise business messaging space.

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Red Hat certifies Mavenir apps for mobile networks with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Mavenir announced a strategic collaboration with Red Hat to certify Mavenir applications for mobile networks with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, creating solutions and platforms to transform the mobile infrastructure towards the new future of containers and 5G.

Taking advantage of the cloud-native network functions provided by Mavenir and the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform with Red Hat OpenShift, the intent is to develop common solution blueprints for transformation to 5G for Mavenir’s 5G Core, vRAN and IMS workloads.

“We are proud to work with a leading company like Red Hat to certify our workloads and to continue to demonstrate the capabilities of Mavenir cloud-native software,” said Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO of Mavenir.

“We are looking forward to collaborating and demonstrating our agility together to deliver high-quality software for our customers, boosting the 5G cloud-native ecosystem.”

“Modern networks that deliver the agility and flexibility customers require are rooted in open-source technologies, including Kubernetes and containers,” said Paul Cormier, president and CEO, Red Hat.

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