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Andrew Bud is known as a successful entrepreneur in messaging, payments, and identity verification – and we should add as chair of MEF. However, he says he is an engineer at heart. If you are considering how to approach your career or interested to emulate iProov’s success here is an inspirational take on engineering excellence.

Andrew’s recent election to Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineers gives us a good excuse for a fireside chat to ask how an engineering mind can be crucial in conjuring new solutions and markets.

At iProov Andrew invented a unique way to confirm that a live person is in front of a mobile phone asking for face verification (not a photo, not video, not a deepfake). At Olivetti and ETSI he helped define the DECT portable phone standard. In this candid interview, Andrew also shares the difficulty of being at the helm of a company attacked by massive fraud and what he learnt from it.

There might have been no masterplan behind Andrew’s career path, but it seems that asking the right questions and finding the right solutions have shaped his professional life, and his companies, all with a good dose of passion, humour and hard work.

Watch the full interview below

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