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Is RCS business messaging about to ‘pop’? Are MNOs and OEMs turning into true believers? Guillaume Le Mener, SVP of enterprise solutions at Mavenir, has a helicopter view of this exciting market.  In this preview for MEF Connects Rich Communications virtual event, he shares what he’s seen…

It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise moment with RCS was unleashed on the world. The US MNO T-Mobile has some claim to this mantle – it launched in 2015 – but maybe February 2018 is a better start date.

This was when América Móvil, Rogers, Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, Telenor Group, Telia  and Vodafone interconnected their networks to launch RCS across 22 networks in 17 countries.

Two years on 90 MNOs have launched and an estimated 473m end users are using the channel.

It’s a decent start. But there’s much further to go. Mavenir is one of the technical intermediaries helping MNOs to launch RCS services. It’s also working hard to bring brands into the market for RCS-based business messaging.

All of which makes Guillaume Le Mener, SVP of enterprise solutions at Mavenir, well-placed to comment on the progress made by RCS, the opportunities and the barriers. In this teaser video for the MEF Connects Rich Communications event, Le Mener chews on questions such as:

  •  Which markets have ‘universal’ RCS operator coverage?
  •  Is performance-based CPA the best business model for RCS messaging?
  •  What is Google’s approach to the tech?
  •  Will Apple join?
  •  Why will the ‘edge computing’ promised by 5G accelerate this trend?

Mavenir is one of the official supporters of MEF Connects Rich Communications, which runs from September 29 to October 1.

MEF Connects Rich Communications – 29th September – October 1st

Over 3 days, MEF Connects Rich Communications brings together enterprises, brands & agencies to connect online with MNOs and messaging providers to showcase the business messaging channels that are transforming customer engagement.

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