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Get key insights from MEF’s 6th Global Smartphone User Survey – this week, looking at Mobile Delivery Services (pre- Covid-19).

Ordering food or transport via mobile is growing healthily but it is not yet as common overall as content, commerce or banking. Growth is not homogeneous across all markets with taxi hailing services not fully available everywhere or having been limited at times. In this light the 5% increase is a good performance, but more growth is to be expected.

China leads with 64% of active users. However, big jumps are seen by the success of Uber and similar services in South Africa (+15 percentage points in a year, now 51% penetration) and Brazil (+27 point jump to 43%). In USA the appeal of the services is low: public transport is limited outside large cities due
to high car ownership and carry out or drive through is still preferred to food delivery. Overall penetration in USA stands at 37% – below the global average.

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MEF’s 6th Global Smartphone User Survey

MEF’s 6th Global Smarpthone User Survey is based on 6500 interviews across 10 countries: Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA.

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