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Get key insights from MEF’s 6th Global Smartphone User Survey – this week, looking at Mobile Fitness Apps.

The promising market for health applications on smartphones has seen little growth (the survey did not include Covid-19 pandemic period). Tracing applications as well as other medical apps will possibly bring back growth for this sector during 2020.

South Africa is the market with the highest user interactions for health apps (34%). It is true that digital health in Africa in general is booming, despite a number of setbacks. The country has a low availability of doctors (1 physician for 1,000 people) and as such mobile is an important source of medical advice. Meanwhile, Japan shows the lowest interaction at just 10% although the health application is rising (2 percentage point year on year).

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MEF’s 6th Global Smartphone User Survey

MEF’s 6th Global Smarpthone User Survey is based on 6500 interviews across 10 countries: Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA.

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