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The smartphone has changed the lives of millions of customers since the earliest models appeared in 2005.

15 years later the industry is seeing a huge sales drop in Q1 2020 as the impact of COVID19 hits the mobile industry too: shipments dropped to about 220 million smartphones per quarter, down from over 330 million the year before. And yet users are enjoying smartphone services like never before.

While it is too early to establish the full impact of the pandemic on society, understanding smartphone use shows the progress of a true digital revolution. Pre-register for the new MEF report that takes a deep dive into how people are using their smartphones, giving insights into emerging tech trends, new developments and how your business can be a part of the revolution.

6th Global Smartphone User Survey

Coming soon – May 27th

Users are engaging with more digital services than ever and the smartphone is a big protagonist in this scenario. Understanding the smartphone consumer is understanding the biggest digital transformation in place today. Spot emerging trends, consider the latest development, plan for future business.

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