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MEFTV speaks to Kevin Graham, Chief Development Officer SMS Highway Group during Messaging SMS World London about their business and their strategy of helping the operator community understand how to control and adapt to the needs of the enterprise market.

“We work very closely with our operator partners, and some of the work we’re doing in emerging regions is focussed around helping to educate the operator community on the opportunities that exist within A2P messaging, how to control the growth of the product set, and how to make sure that they’re providing the right kind of products and availability of service that enterprises require.

The western European markets particularly have become very mature and saturated in some respects, but that also means there are opportunities in terms of the diversification, the RCS agenda as an example – so enterprise requirements in Western Europe particularly are going to focus around those areas.

The number of different products that exist out there now and the dynamics of adoption when you’re looking at the likes of RCS, the Apple community or addressing more region specific requirements, Viber in Eastern Europe for example, we need to be able to guide our customers on how to integrate all of that and come up with a strategy that works for everyone.”

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