MEFTV speaks to Dario Tumiati, Agile Telecom’s Chief of ops, regulatory and institutional affairs, who discusses the future of mobile messaging including SMS, RCS and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the evolving messaging ecosystem.

“SMS and messaging in general are having a second or even third rebirth – for years we saw traction moving from SMS to chat bots, RCS and other technologies – but SMS remained the king for the daily relationship between brands and customers. RCS will for sure take it to the next level, adding rich content to the transactions between the customer and brands, but for some kinds of applications, like triangulation, IoT, M2M, SMS must stay the only channel.”

“AI is here – a lot of people are using it for recognising and predicting ‘what to do next’. On the messaging side this can be used in the CRM – I can even feel if my customer is angry or not by the way they type thanks to AI – it is helping us to predict the behaviour of the customer.”

Watch the full interview below. Watch the AI panel featuring Dario here.

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