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MEFTV speaks to Alan Ranger – VP of Global Market Development at LivePerson about their vision for the future of business messaging, and the way brands and consumers can interact via intelligent chat, following his appearance on the MEF Panel at MAD//Fest.

“With the invention of the iPhone, suddenly we had the internet in our pockets and we stopped looking at browsers and started dipping in and out of the internet whenever we chose to. The other thing we stopped doing is we stopped using our telephones to make telephone calls – we started messaging, so in our personal lives we message our friends, our families – we think that should be the way the consumers and brands talk to one another, using whatever messaging app they have on their phone, at the time that suitable for them, to get whatever they need from the brands they want to do business with.”

“In these brave new days of GDPR brands can’t really contact consumers without their consent, so they have gone back to traditional and more creative advertising – a whole new category is being created called ‘invitational advertising’ where you do some kind of digital placement probably viewed from a mobile phone, and instead of just clicking and linking to a website you can start a messaging conversation directly between the consumer and the brand. We’ve got customers doing this already, they advertise on Instagram and you can swipe up and start a Whatsapp conversation – or you go to their website, they have a ‘chat with us now’ button and Apple business chat starts – using native imessage its a fully branded experience.. if they want to, they can go all the way though the transaction and buy it using Apple Pay, to scheduling an appointment to have it delivered… its a complete end to end from initial invitation to after-sales services platform.”

Watch the full interview below.

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