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MEFTV speaks to Frank Joshi, MD of Mvine Limited during EEMA London who shares his thoughts on industry efforts to solve the issue of digital identity and the even greater challenge facing the industry in resolving understanding and identifying devices connected to our networks in the internet of things – or the “identity of things”.

“How do we solve the identity problem? One of the challenges we have – there are silos of people trying to solve the identity problem from the perspective of individuals, but there’s another bigger tsunami coming at us which is the internet of things, or the identity of things.”

“If we think we’ve got a problem trying to solve citizen identity, we’ve got an even bigger one trying to solve the identity of things, and until we grapple how we can bind the two together we’re in for an almighty mess in the market place. If we don’t solve the identity problem, we’ll actually hold back civilization as we know it.”

“Aspects about who and what we are will be held of monitored or gathered by the devices that are going to surround us, that will be part of the new network, as 5G takes off, the ability for 5G to aggregate 600 fields of information in real time – its a big challenge, and I don’t believe the industry as a whole has fully understood it to be a problem and we’re not doing enough to solve it.

My biggest concern is that the regulators have no idea whats going on out there – the bad actors are already breaking into our devices, we’ve already heard of breaches where bad actor managed to get into the network running the security cameras for an organisation, and managed to get into their network.”

Watch the full video below.

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