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MEFTV speaks to Sundi Sundaresh, President & CEO of Cinarra who discusses the challenges facing businesses and brands when handling consumer’s personal data responsibly – we asked how the landscape has changed for businesses in light of new regulation such as GDPR:

“Interestingly the landscape hasn’t changed for us very much, we’ve had very strong emphasis on privacy from the very beginning, from Softbank mobile, and in order to be compliant with Japanese privacy laws, and so we built that into the product.

What we’re seeing now actually is, those decisions we made are bearing fruit in other markets as the emphasis for privacy has picked up in those markets, and so from the beginning we’ve chosen to work only with anonymised and aggregate data etc.”

Asked about awareness among consumers of privacy and personal data issues Sundi said “I think it’s still beginning, with some of the recent scandals that have hit the public news in the last year , but if you look at it globally I think awareness is still low.

A lot more needs to be done to make sure privacy is understood properly and that the respect for individual’s privacy is maintained as the industry uses these technologies to give relevant offers and make things more useful for the consumer.”

Watch the full video below.

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