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MEFTV speaks to Alex Cambell, Director of Enterprise Sales at IMImobile and Shakeel Khan, Director of Virtual Customer Contact at Barclays about delivering richer, more secure messaging experiences using RCS (Rich Communication Services) during MWC 2019. 

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, the IMImobile team showcased a number of RCS demos at the GSMA Innovation City as part of Google’s The Future of Operator Messaging stand, demonstrating the channel’s potential for customer service, marketing, operations, and improving real-time customer interactions.

Shakeel Khan, Director of Virtual Customer Contact at Barclays says “We’re seeing an increase in SMiShing attacks that continues to rise.. we’re looking at alternate channels that we can deliver messaging to our customers in a far richer and more secure way, and this is where RCS can really help us. The types of use cases are helping educate our customers around the services we provide and the toolsets.”

So – multiple uses, it will allow us to interact much better with our customers.. from a security standpoint its far better than SMS and will help us increase digital adoption of our own channels.”

Alex Cambell, Director of Enterprise Sales at IMImobile added “I really hope this is the year RCS takes off – there are pretty good indications it is going to take off this year, especially in the UK – we’ve been constrained by the number of mobile networks supporting… that’s going to change and we’re going to have a much broader consumer base to target with these types of messages.”

Watch the full video below.

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