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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the web.

This week..  Facebook once again under fire for privacy issues, 5G to bridge broadcast and mobile networks, the best and worst tech April Fools’ jokes and much more.

Facebook once again under fire for privacy issues

Mobile World Live

Facebook removed millions of records displaying user information stored on Amazon’s cloud servers by third-party companies, which were discovered by cybersecurity company UpGuard, Reuters reported.

UpGuard found Mexico-based Cultura Colectiva, which runs three Facebook pages, used Amazon servers to store 540 million records on users of the social media giant, including comments and account names.

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5G to bridge broadcast and mobile networks

Broadband TV News

5G Broadcast offers a unique chance to establish a uniform global transmission standard for broadcast and mobile services for the first time in TV history.

This is the outcome of the fourth edition of the Media Innovation Platform German industry association Deutsche TV-Plattform held on April 3, 2019 in Vienna. The event, which was hosted by ORF and its technical services subsidiary ORS, focused on the production and distribution of Ultra HD (UHD) content.

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Snapchat launches own multi-player gaming platform

Messaging app Snapchat, which is widely popular among younger users but has struggled to turn a profit since its creation in 2011, on Thursday unveiled new features including an integrated gaming platform, an expansion of its original series and new parnerships with developers.

“Friendship is more than just the things you chat about,” said Will Wu, the director of product at Snapchat as he unveiled Snap Games at a Partner Summit in Los Angeles to highlight the new features for creators and app developers.

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This Preinstalled Mobile Security App Delivered Vulnerabilities, Not Protection

Threat Post

No. 4 global phone maker, Xiaomi, preinstalled a security app called ‘Guard Provider’ that had a major flaw. Preinstalled apps on mobile phones can be just as annoying as crapware found on new PCs. Now a report from security experts at Check Point Research suggest those preinstalled mobile apps may be more than just annoying – they can also be a security risk.

Check Point found that a security app called Guard Provider was being preinstalled on top-phone maker Xiaomi handsets.

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Blockchain – Africa Rising


The world is undergoing technological development at an unprecedented and explosive pace. Considered the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” this exponential growth will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. These changes are further accelerated by the advent of blockchain technology and are perhaps most palpable on the African continent.

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The biggest mobile phone maker in Africa is going public in China


Transsion Holdings, the top mobile phone maker in Africa, has applied to launch an initial public offering in Shanghai, China.

It comes after a decade of booming growth for the Chinese phone maker now known for dominating Africa’s mobile phone market, stealing a march on more prominent global mobile makers like Samsung and Apple.

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Study Finds ‘Systemic’ Mobile Financial App Insecurity


Tools including retail banking apps fail to take appropriate precautions to stop their software and systems from being hacked, researchers discover
A new study has found insecure coding practices in wide use in mobile financial applications, including retail banking apps, indicating what researchers said was a “systemic” issue.

The report, carried out by advisory firm Aite Group on behalf of application security firm Arxan Technologies, was intended to raise a warning flag over mobile financial apps as they become a new focus for hackers, Arxan said.

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Accessibility problems plague growing dependence on mobile data

Digital Insurance

A majority of workers need access to company data and documents on mobile devices today, but many can’t retrieve the documents and information they need remotely, according to a report from information management platform provider M-files Corp.

The company surveyed 1,500 office workers worldwide, and found that 81 percent need access to information and documents vial their mobile device but 43 percent do not have the required access.

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The best and worst April Fools’ jokes from around the web

Tech Crunch

The tech world sure does love a good prank.While some sat out on April Fools’, a number of big tech companies embraced the opportunity to waste time this way.

So without any further ado, here are the April Fools’ pranks from around the web:

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